Create tests in minutes

Create tests in minutes

Create, model and execute 100 new tests in just 6 days vs 74 days in Selenium. Works with structured test plans or unstructured user journeys.

Create tests in plain English

Write in plain English

Engine understands both structured & unstructured tests. Anyone can create new tests by simply describing the steps.

Achieve complete coverage

Achieve complete coverage

100% test coverage is the Holy Grail for test automation. It changes to a reality. Your test engineers have more time to focus on product instead.

The benefits of ALP™

Human first testing

Human first testing

Test scripting involves learning how to speak to a computer in its language. We think that’s a dumb approach. Instead, we have taught the computer to understand you.

Open up testing to your team

Open up testing to your team

Everyone on your team can now contribute to test creation. All they need is the ability to write down the test steps in English. We then do the hard work of creating a functioning test.

Simplify test creation

Simplify test creation

Test scripting is a painstaking process involving many steps and frequent rounds of debugging. With ALP™ you just need to provide a description of the test you want.

Full test coverage is the new norm

100% test coverage is the new norm

Achieving complete test automation coverage should be seen as the norm, not the exception. With ALP™, this comes a step closer to reality.

Save test engineer time

Save test engineer time

Around a third of a test engineer’s time is spent on test creation. ALP™ helps slashes this by 90%. This time saving allows your engineers to focus on building new features.

Test scripting is a notoriously slow and complex process.

Each test is a mini-software project.

You take a detailed test plan and look at it line by line. For each step, you have to look at the application to work out which elements you need to interact with on the UI. For each element you need to find the best selector. You also need to determine what else on the page should be checked to ensure the test is proceeding properly. Every few steps, you need to test and debug the script to make sure it is working. Even once the script is complete, you have to repeat the process for each browser you need to run it on.

ALP™ takes a very different approach.

You provide a batch of test plans written in plain English. Using these, the system will learn how your UI is working and will convert the test plans into functioning tests. This is a new paradigm for testing. No longer are you creating tests one at a time. Now, you create entire sets of tests in one process.

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Functionize is designed with all levels of testers in mind. We simplify test creation while providing rich features to tune tests for your most complex scenarios. Running in our test cloud gives you elastic scale to handle continuous testing in your CI/CD pipeline to large regression suites.

Meanwhile the deep machine learning engine is modeling your applications and dynamically updating your tests as your UI changes; saving you the aggravation of constant maintenance.

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