Why Test Recorders Often Fail (+ What to Use Instead)

Is your organization losing time and wasting resources while using test recorders? Many companies are without realizing it’s happening. Teams know that testing is a critical part of the development process and that automation is key. However, in a time where agile development is the focus and applications change quickly, the traditional test recording and … Continued

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination

How to get your digital transformation right The past decade has seen a steep change in how businesses leverage technology. The rise of SaaS has driven a digital transformation revolution. But why is it many companies find digital transformation so hard? Digital transformation is often seen as a panacea for all of a company’s ills. … Continued

Why RPA Projects Can Fail (+ How You Can Fix It)

Many businesses are attracted to the concept of RPA to help them improve their businesses processes. However, in the rush to jump into RPA, some companies are missing critical steps on the path to implementing RPA successfully. The good news is that when organizations understand the common pitfalls that can come with this technology, it’s … Continued

How Jenkins Supports Test Automation

Many people consider Continuous Integration (CI) and test automation a game-changing combination for development. That’s why companies are making the move to include this methodology in their test automation setup. Why has CI become more popular? Briefly, at its core, Continuous Integration helps ensure that a build is verifiable. This method helps developers determine whether … Continued

How Functionize lets you test Shadow DOMs

Shadow DOMs are getting common, but are hard to test   With Functionize you can now test them transparently Shadow DOMs are used to embed widgets and 3rd party content in your site. They are impossible to test with tools like Selenium because they are invisible to JavaScript. Functionize’s system allows you to test these … Continued

Test management tools – why they are essential for you

Test management tools allow you to plan, monitor, and audit your test executions. They are an essential element in any modern software development tool stack. In this blog, we look at why they are so useful and introduce 5 of our favorite tools. Introduction Testing isn’t just checking for bugs and regressions. Test management is … Continued

How continuous testing powers continuous delivery

Functionize and continuous delivery How AI-powered continuous testing empowers continuous delivery Most *aaS companies use continuous delivery. However, it poses some challenges for testing. In this blog, we will explore these in detail and show how Functionize helps to overcome them. Continuous Delivery is increasingly seen as the norm in the world of Everything as … Continued

What is Test Driven Development (TDD)

How Functionize stimulates TDD The world of software development has advanced beyond recognition since the days of the waterfall development cycle. Nowadays, developer teams can choose between a plethora of different development methodologies, like Test Driven Development. Some of these, like Agile, have even become so well-known that managers in other industries have adopted them. … Continued

Test Maintenance needn’t be hard

Keeping your scripts current without wasting time   Test maintenance is essential. At Functionize we make it much easier Here at Functionize we leverage AI to help you reduce the time needed for test maintenance. From Self-Healing Tests to Root Cause Analysis, our system is designed to make your life easier and more productive. Introduction … Continued