Machine learning and the humans behind the screen

The untold story of AI AI is a truly disruptive technology and most of its successes come from machine learning. However, in order to work, most ML algorithms need to be trained. Here, we look at the humans that sit behind the success of AI. Machine learning is the basis of most of the successful … Continued

AI business transformation – getting it right

AI promises the world, but how can you be sure it will deliver? Reaping the true rewards of AI business transformation AI will transform the business landscape as we know it. But if you are to reap the rewards of AI business transformation you have to do it intelligently. In this blog, we explain the … Continued

What is Business-Driven Development | BDD?

A different way of thinking about software Focus on the needs of the business, not the technology Business driven development is a software development paradigm that focuses on the needs of the business over the tech. It is designed for enterprise software, which differs markedly from consumer-facing apps. BDD relies on modelling the needs of … Continued

Continuous integration – how it affects testing

A simple introduction to CI and testing What it is, why use it and how to test Continuous integration means building your software every time a developer pushes code. This affects your testing and requires careful planning and the use of test automation. Introduction Continuous integration (CI) is the process of building a new version … Continued

Risk-based Testing — When and How?

Risk-based Testing — When and How? QA as insurance for managing risk Empowering Test Automation This post covers Risk-based Testing in the QA industry. Test management tools help testers prioritize risks and inform business stakeholders on overall testing status. Using test automation tools like Functionize, testers can manage risk more effectively. Software testing has undergone … Continued

Autonomous Template Recognition

For the last few months, Functionize have been working with one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The aim of the collaboration is to apply Functionize’s revolutionary AI-based testing approach to automate the testing of in-vehicle infotainment systems. In this blog, we’ll explain why this is such a hard problem and look at … Continued

The Role of the Software Tester

QA staff members are commonly known as testers, but the role of a tester should go beyond the simple notion of verification testing. The primary responsibility—and passion—should be to contribute to the highest quality of the final product. Quality assurance staff are responsible for verifying that a releasable software product achieves a high level of … Continued