Conventional Appium Mobile test automation with Java

For many years now, Appium has been a fairly effective mobile app test automation tool. As technology and functional complexity increases, development teams are encountering more challenges in using Appium. We explore some of those challenges here. It’s important, however, that our readers understand that it’s unnecessary to continue grappling with the limitations of Appium. … Continued

Mobile Testing — Comparing simulators and emulators

A solid strategy for mobile testing must balance speed, device-OS coverage, and high degrees of accuracy. Central to this discussion is the difference between simulators and emulators.  Many mobile app teams employ a mix of simulators, emulators, and real devices. Each tool has its place in the development pipeline. Typically, an emulator is good for … Continued

Shift Right testing – tools and techniques

Shift Right enables rapid deployment of new features. In part 2 of our miniseries, we explore what you need to enable Shift Right in your company. The story so far In the first part of this blog series, we looked at how software development has evolved. We saw how this led to a drive to … Continued

Shift Right testing – background and history

The history of Shift Right testing How the need for faster releases drives Shift Right thinking Successful companies are able to launch new features continuously, allowing them to respond to customer demand. Doing this successfully requires you to Shift Right. This blog looks at the background to Shift Right and compares it with Shift Left. … Continued

Functionize CLI, a developer’s guide

Installing and using the Functionize CLI Access the power of Functionize through the command-line The Functionize CLI was created by developers, for developers. Here we explain how you can use it to improve your productivity, creating new tests, running orchestrations and even testing against a local instance of your site. Background The Functionize Command Line … Continued

AI Transformation for Infrastructure and Operations

How artificial intelligence is transforming a vital area of business Lessons, advice, and encouragement Infrastructure and operations (I&O) is a vital area of business that is often ignored because it isn’t “sexy”. Any company with significant numbers of customers will probably also have a large I&O division. As such it is ripe for AI transformation. Introduction … Continued

Automating IoT Device Testing

In his book The Road Ahead from the late 1990s, Bill Gates famously wrote that “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” This has certainly proven to be true in regard to the Internet of Things (IoT). Even … Continued

Optimize Page Loading by Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks

Website and web-app users expect a captivating and efficient experience. No matter how good your content, you’ve got to keep visitors and users engaged with fast rendering performance, or they’ll switch to another webpage and perhaps never return. This is the primary reason that it’s vitally important to monitor and optimize key webpage performance metrics. … Continued

Test Automation in a Kubernetes-Spinnaker CD Pipeline

Continuous delivery of software updates to your users requires an automated process that consistently supports building, testing, and releasing high-quality updates of software products. A pipeline should automatically recognize any code changes and then move those changes along the pipeline that will create artifacts as necessary, automatically perform unit and functional testing, and perform a … Continued