AI test automation: 5 ways to avoid budget overflow

Software testing is an expensive business. In complex projects, it can often cost up to 40% of the total budget. Here we look at 5 ways to avoid budget overflow through AI test automation. Testing is essential if any software product is going to succeed. End-users dislike buggy and unstable software with a passion. Ship … Continued

Boosting ML models to create strong learners

How hybrid and ensemble techniques allow simple ML to excel Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the most powerful techniques in AI. However, there are times when ML models are weak learners. Boosting is a way to take several weak models and combine them into a stronger one. Doing this allows you to eliminate bias, … Continued

Test infrastructure costs – the true price of Selenium

As every developer and manager knows, the cloud transformed how software was delivered. But over a decade after the beta launch of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, automated testing often still uses dedicated hardware. Read on to learn how Functionize is bringing the benefits of the cloud to testing, slashing test infrastructure costs and … Continued

Functional testing meets artificial intelligence

How an intelligent test agent lets you automate all your functional testing Functional testing is a vital part of the whole software testing process. This is when you test that your software actually has the correct functionality. Here, we explore how an AI-powered intelligent test agent can transform functional testing of your web application or … Continued

Maximize your test coverage with Functionize

The test coverage problem Avoiding the catch 22 of test automation Every enterprise wants to maximize their test coverage. But, the more tests you have, the more time you spend on test maintenance instead of writing new tests. How can you avoid this catch 22? In this blog, we show how the Functionize intelligent test … Continued

How ALP™ reconnects you with your end users

Testing should be the connection between your developers and users   ALP™ helps you to reconnect you with your users Functionize’s Adaptive Language Processing™ makes pain English the new language of testing. As a result, this lets you produce reliable products that actually deliver what your end users want. Here we explain why this is … Continued

When is an AI not an AI? On the intelligent use of AI.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, virtual assistants, … For the last few years, AI has dominated the world of technology. But what really is AI? And how many so-called applications are an intelligent use of AI? Artificial intelligence has long been a dream of mankind. Over the past few years, we have got closer … Continued

How TDD Mocking Can Enhance Test-Driven Development

Mocking is the creation of an object that mimics another and sets expectations concerning its behavior. In testing, mocking replicates the behavior of a service, object, or process. There are a number of benefits that result from replacing an object with a mock for testing purposes. There’s confusion regarding the differences in a mock, a … Continued

ALP™ – Teaching a computer to understand test plans

More about Adaptive Language Processing™ How it works and how you can help improve it Our ALP™ engine uses natural language processing to convert a test plan into functional test automation. In this blog, we give more detail on how this works and present our vision for the future of ALP™. Introduction We introduced our … Continued