GTM – how an intelligent test agent reduces the risks

The risks and rewards of getting it right Go-to-market is a milestone for every product. For many companies, it marks a make-or-break moment. So, it pays to make sure you get things right. Using an intelligent test agent can reduce the risks. Introduction Launching a new product (or relaunching an existing one) is always an … Continued

Functionize’s vision for the future of testing

The Functionize Manifesto How we can revolutionize the world of testing What if you could create tests in English that never broke? What if an intelligent test agent manages your testing? In this blog, we set out Funcitonize’s Manifesto and vision for the future of autonomous testing. Introduction Imagine a world where anyone can write … Continued

AI test automation – a 101 for executives

AI test automation What it is, when to use it, and how it can help your business AI is transforming business and AI test automation can bring you real benefits. We look at what AI is, how it applies to test automation, and how this can impact on your bottom line. Introduction There can be … Continued

Continuous testing plus DevOps equals DevTestOps

How continuous testing enables DevTestOps Could this be the next revolution in software engineering? DevOps blurs the line between developers and operations, allowing companies to streamline their product releases. When you add continuous testing to the mix, you accelerate this process even more. The end result is DevTestOps, a new philosophy for agile teams. Background … Continued

QA is evolving to a lead role in digital transformation

Software quality assurance has come a long way since the beginning. Testing and verification are no longer mere support functions. Today, many organizations view QA as critical to business strategy and customer satisfaction. This is clearly seen in the latest World Quality Report. Researchers collected data from 1,600 executives in over 30 countries. The analytical … Continued

Automating your testing with Functionize

A brief guide for first-time users Functionize delivers the first autonomous, AI cloud-based testing platform. This guide will help you get started. We’ll show you how to create tests, how to run tests across all major browsers including mobile devices (beta) and how to view the results of the tests. We’ll also explain how Functionize … Continued

AI in society – the good, the bad and the ugly

Avoiding unintended consequences   How AI and automation will change the way we live Artificial Intelligence is a true game changing technology. In time it may prove as disruptive as steam power, mains electricity and pervasive computing were. But do we really understand what we’re doing and the impact of AI in society? The law … Continued

Webinar: Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing

STP Software Test Professionals Webinar Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing November 28th, 2018 Noon Eastern Here at Functionize we have taken the idea of canary testing and have added some of our AI magic to make a system that is both powerful and able to automatically identify issues in your released code. Rather than … Continued

AI – artificial, yes, but is it really intelligent?

Have you ever wondered what artificial intelligence really is?  Recently I found a great blog from a Cambridge Professor that addresses AI. Reading it got me thinking. What do we really mean by artificial intelligence in the context of software testing? I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you… This portrait was created … Continued