When is an AI not an AI? On the intelligent use of AI.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, virtual assistants, … For the last few years, AI has dominated the world of technology. But what really is AI? And how many so-called applications are an intelligent use of AI? Artificial intelligence has long been a dream of mankind. Over the past few years, we have got closer … Continued

Behavior Driven Development without the pain

BDD – what it is and how to use it Putting your business needs first  Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a development methodology that places emphasis on meeting the business needs of the software. In this blog we explore what BDD is, why you might choose to adopt it and how to define features in … Continued

How NLP Will Drive the Future of Software Testing

As Functionize debuts its NLP feature set, it’s important that our readers understand how natural language processing has been changing our world—and how you soon be able to leverage NLP to further improve automated testing of your software applications. In this article, we look at the challenges of conventional requirements-based testing, recent industry advancements in … Continued

Top 4 Benefits of Smoke Testing, and How to Automate

Smoke testing is a preliminary level of testing that ensures all basic components of an application are functioning properly. A smoke test does not penetrate into details of the app, but only tests major functions. The phrase “smoke test” originally came from testing hardware, in which engineers performed quick initial tests to confirm basic, safe … Continued

What is End-to-end Testing?

When developing any complex application, it’s essential to know that the system functions properly as a whole. Unit testing and integration testing can tell you that every part of the system works correctly, but that doesn’t guarantee that they all the parts fit together properly. Imagine if you are creating something mechanical such as a … Continued

Achieve Higher Levels of Maturity in Testing Automation

In the age of software development agility, there is more incentive to move toward a continuous delivery model. Continuous Delivery (CD) enables a production-ready software release—at any time. Though it takes time to implement, configure, and remake the team culture, it dovetails well with Agile methodology. When done well, CD significantly reduces the release timeline … Continued

The Importance of Beta Testing

Years ago, the great statistician George E. P. Box once wrote once, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.“ Without question, this certainly applies to software development. Lamentably, beta testing often is neglected or short-circuited in the product development cycle. Though it is often undervalued or even ignored, beta testing is a … Continued

Why Testing Automation Hasn’t Reduced the QA Cycle

Testing automation is now an engineering concern. The culture of QA testing of new applications is presently devolving from straightforward validation and verification to a second level development complex in which testers need software engineering skills. This is a problem because it is neither desirable nor efficient to limit testing capability to developers or engineers. … Continued

Agile Testing Automation | What it is & How to Avoid Scripting

Automation testing traditionally involved writing a script to test new code commits to an application; in reality, the developer automated software testing for the QA engineers. But this is not automation from the developer’s point of view. This method involves a lot of additional manual coding work and anticipation for the developer. End users, in … Continued