What Is Gherkin + How Do You Write Gherkin Tests?

There are many options available to teams when it comes to how to write and test software. How do you determine which syntax to use and what testing solution is right for you? In this post, we’re going to explore the use of Gherkin and Gherkin tests. We’ll cover the syntax, how to write a … Continued

Shift Right testing – tools and techniques

Shift Right enables rapid deployment of new features. In part 2 of our miniseries, we explore what you need to enable Shift Right in your company. The story so far In the first part of this blog series, we looked at how software development has evolved. We saw how this led to a drive to … Continued

Test management tools – why they are essential for you

Test management tools allow you to plan, monitor, and audit your test executions. They are an essential element in any modern software development tool stack. In this blog, we look at why they are so useful and introduce 5 of our favorite tools. Introduction Testing isn’t just checking for bugs and regressions. Test management is … Continued

What is Test Driven Development (TDD)

How Functionize stimulates TDD The world of software development has advanced beyond recognition since the days of the waterfall development cycle. Nowadays, developer teams can choose between a plethora of different development methodologies, like Test Driven Development. Some of these, like Agile, have even become so well-known that managers in other industries have adopted them. … Continued

7 Reasons Why Agile fails

7 Reasons Why Agile fails It’s not difficult to recognize the signs of an agile approach headed towards failure. Here, we examine a number of the indications that your team is doing agile incorrectly. We also present a strong remedy for each of the problems. Finally, we’ll take a good look at how testing automation … Continued

Risk-based Testing — When and How?

Risk-based Testing — When and How? QA as insurance for managing risk Empowering Test Automation This post covers Risk-based Testing in the QA industry. Test management tools help testers prioritize risks and inform business stakeholders on overall testing status. Using test automation tools like Functionize, testers can manage risk more effectively. Software testing has undergone … Continued

What is API Testing?

As anyone will tell you, APIs are the glue that holds together all modern web and mobile applications. Without APIs, frontend clients wouldn’t be able to communicate with backends and no services could function. The history of APIs is relatively short, really only going back to the days just after the .com bubble. Early pioneers … Continued

Using Gap Analysis In The Testing Process To Align Devs and Testers

It is a widely held belief that developers and testers get on like chalk and cheese. Developers often look down their noses at testers, viewing them as an inflexible and unhelpful drag on developing new code who fail to provide clear details in their bug tickets. Equally, testers often view developers with irritation for failing … Continued

Challenges & Benefits Of Microservices Test Automation | Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I gave you an overview of how the microservices architecture differs from the classic monolithic software architecture and we explored why microservices are so hard to test using traditional testing methodologies. I gave 5 tips for how you might approach your test planning and briefly touched on serverless … Continued