How ALP™ reconnects you with your end users

Testing should be the connection between your developers and users   ALP™ helps you to reconnect you with your users Functionize’s Adaptive Language Processing™ makes pain English the new language of testing. As a result, this lets you produce reliable products that actually deliver what your end users want. Here we explain why this is … Continued

ALP™ – Teaching a computer to understand test plans

More about Adaptive Language Processing™ How it works and how you can help improve it Our ALP™ engine uses natural language processing to convert a test plan into functional test automation. In this blog, we give more detail on how this works and present our vision for the future of ALP™. Introduction We introduced our … Continued

How Functionize lets you test Shadow DOMs

Shadow DOMs are getting common, but are hard to test   With Functionize you can now test them transparently Shadow DOMs are used to embed widgets and 3rd party content in your site. They are impossible to test with tools like Selenium because they are invisible to JavaScript. Functionize’s system allows you to test these … Continued

GTM – how an intelligent test agent reduces the risks

The risks and rewards of getting it right Go-to-market is a milestone for every product. For many companies, it marks a make-or-break moment. So, it pays to make sure you get things right. Using an intelligent test agent can reduce the risks. Introduction Launching a new product (or relaunching an existing one) is always an … Continued

Functionize’s vision for the future of testing

The Functionize Manifesto How we can revolutionize the world of testing What if you could create tests in English that never broke? What if an intelligent test agent manages your testing? In this blog, we set out Funcitonize’s Manifesto and vision for the future of autonomous testing. Introduction Imagine a world where anyone can write … Continued

Shift Right testing – background and history

The history of Shift Right testing How the need for faster releases drives Shift Right thinking Successful companies are able to launch new features continuously, allowing them to respond to customer demand. Doing this successfully requires you to Shift Right. This blog looks at the background to Shift Right and compares it with Shift Left. … Continued

Automating your testing with Functionize

A brief guide for first-time users Functionize delivers the first autonomous, AI cloud-based testing platform. This guide will help you get started. We’ll show you how to create tests, how to run tests across all major browsers including mobile devices (beta) and how to view the results of the tests. We’ll also explain how Functionize … Continued

Levels of Automation in Testing

Automation, or the process of getting a machine or computer to perform its task(s) without human intervention, has revolutionized the manufacturing industry over the past 50 years. Automated processes control the manufacture of computer chips, pick and place machines assemble circuit boards with a precision no human can achieve, robots assemble cars so fast that … Continued

Automating IoT Device Testing

In his book The Road Ahead from the late 1990s, Bill Gates famously wrote that “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” This has certainly proven to be true in regard to the Internet of Things (IoT). Even … Continued