Production Testing – what, why, and how

Ensuring your production systems are performing   Avoiding unexpected problems with new releases Testing used to finish before release. Now production testing is an integral part of any large system. We’ll explore some of the concepts used in production testing and show how Functionize can help you do this intelligently. Overview Once upon a time, … Continued

Webinar: Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing

STP Software Test Professionals Webinar Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing November 28th, 2018 Noon Eastern Here at Functionize we have taken the idea of canary testing and have added some of our AI magic to make a system that is both powerful and able to automatically identify issues in your released code. Rather than … Continued

Functionize Presents at UCAAT

This past week, Functionize CEO, Tamas Cser, was proud to have the opportunity to present at UCAAT – the User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing. Now in its 6th year, UCAAT is one of the biggest conferences in this field. It is organized by ETSI and attracts sponsorship from global firms including Sogeti (a part of … Continued

What is Canary Testing and Dark Launching?

As applications grow more complex, companies have moved away from the traditional approach where new features are launched on a red-letter day to great fanfare. Nowadays it’s more common to release features incrementally, both to test how users react to them and to test how they perform in the technical sense. Two approaches are widely … Continued