CI/CD, a quick 101 for managers

In the fast-moving world of technology, companies need to release new features and fixes as fast as possible. CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) is the process of releasing features as they are developed. Here, we look at what this means and what tools it requires. There was a time when most software was delivered as monolithic … Continued

How Jenkins Supports Test Automation

Many people consider Continuous Integration (CI) and test automation a game-changing combination for development. That’s why companies are making the move to include this methodology in their test automation setup. Why has CI become more popular? Briefly, at its core, Continuous Integration helps ensure that a build is verifiable. This method helps developers determine whether … Continued

Continuous testing plus DevOps equals DevTestOps

How continuous testing enables DevTestOps Could this be the next revolution in software engineering? DevOps blurs the line between developers and operations, allowing companies to streamline their product releases. When you add continuous testing to the mix, you accelerate this process even more. The end result is DevTestOps, a new philosophy for agile teams. Background … Continued

Continuous integration – how it affects testing

A simple introduction to CI and testing What it is, why use it and how to test Continuous integration means building your software every time a developer pushes code. This affects your testing and requires careful planning and the use of test automation. Introduction Continuous integration (CI) is the process of building a new version … Continued

How continuous testing powers continuous delivery

Functionize and continuous delivery How AI-powered continuous testing empowers continuous delivery Most *aaS companies use continuous delivery. However, it poses some challenges for testing. In this blog, we will explore these in detail and show how Functionize helps to overcome them. Continuous Delivery is increasingly seen as the norm in the world of Everything as … Continued

How Functionize Fits into a CI/CD Pipeline

Implementing test automation into a CI/CD pipeline can be very challenging. One major challenge is the lack of tools in the industry that can truly automate application testing. The essence of continuous integration and delivery is the ability to detect, categorize, and test a continuous flow of application/system changes. Another important factor is the need … Continued

Functionize Now Integrates with Heroku CI!

For enterprises that need turnkey CI, Heroku provides an end-to-end automated solution that integrates the wide variety of tools needed to build, test, and deploy applications, eliminating the usual provisioning, configuration, and management of pipelines involving development, test, staging, and production environments. Today, Heroku is announcing general availability (GA) of Heroku CI Parallel Test Runs … Continued

Why Test Automation is Essential for CI/CD

Ask virtually any DevOps expert what is the essence of a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and they are likely to focus on integration frameworks, code repository management, and CI servers. Unlikely to be on that list is any mention of test automation, which is a bit puzzling—given the steady increase in software … Continued

Choosing the Right CI/CD Tool

CI/CD, standing for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Development, is a development paradigm that is becoming extremely popular, especially for SaaS and web applications. Software delivery is a spectrum with monolithic releases falling at one end and true continuous delivery at the other – many vendors now push new code several times a day!  … Continued