Should you build or buy a test automation framework?

In this article, we survey many of these factors and guide you in the approach toward making a build-versus-buy decision regarding a Test Automation Framework. It’s a common question facing teams that are considering how they can make real progress with software testing automation. As you might guess, the answer depends on the specific testing … Continued

Save DevOps time with a cloud testing strategy

DevOps engineers have a hard life. Your task can be summed up as “make it all work”. That’s tough enough, but increasingly, you also have to sort out the myriad issues with automated testing. In this blog, we will see how a proper cloud testing strategy solves all those issues and gives you back your … Continued

5 good reasons to invest in product testing

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5 ways to sell QA and testing to your boss

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7 ways to increase your QA coverage

QA coverage is one of the key metrics for measuring the performance of your QA team. But the complexity of modern applications makes it increasingly hard to achieve good coverage. In this blog, we will look at 7 ways you can increase QA coverage using AI tools for software testing. What is QA coverage? Coverage … Continued

Cloud testing. Saving precious DevOps time

How moving testing to the cloud saves scarce DevOps resources Automated testing has transformed software development. It allows complex UIs to be regression tested in days rather than weeks. However, this comes at a price for your DevOps team who have to support the required infrastructure. We look at how cloud testing can transform your … Continued

Test infrastructure costs – the true price of Selenium

As every developer and manager knows, the cloud transformed how software was delivered. But over a decade after the beta launch of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, automated testing often still uses dedicated hardware. Read on to learn how Functionize is bringing the benefits of the cloud to testing, slashing test infrastructure costs and … Continued

Top 7 Reasons to Move Your Tests to the Cloud | What You Are Missing if You Don’t

Cloud computing is a truly transformative technology, ranking alongside such developments such as steam power, the internal combustion engine, and electricity. The cloud powers almost everything in our modern lives, from social media and video streaming to mobile apps and Internet search. Without the cloud, companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix simply couldn’t … Continued