Top 7 Reasons to Move Your Tests to the Cloud | What You Are Missing if You Don’t

Cloud computing is a truly transformative technology, ranking alongside such developments such as steam power, the internal combustion engine, and electricity. The cloud powers almost everything in our modern lives, from social media and video streaming to mobile apps and Internet search. Without the cloud, companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix simply couldn’t … Continued

July 26th in New York: Digital Transformation Experiences in the Cloud

The “D” (Digital) word has become an integral part of boardroom conversations. Indeed, digital transformation has become critical for corporations to survive in today’s mobile, always-on world. Core to the digital theme is business speed and agility, and the cloud has become a key enabler of the transformation effort by raising IT responsiveness. For quickly … Continued

Kubernetes in Automated Software Testing

Though many consider Kubernetes to be a technical developer topic, many product and testing professionals should examine how it relates to automated software testing. Viewed from the cloud, Kubernetes automates the use of containers such as  Docker—a practice commonly known as “orchestration.” Kubernetes takes deployment and operation of applications one step closer to total automation. … Continued