Higher productivity with Cloud-based DevOps

Software development leaders continuously seek better techniques, tools, and approaches for dealing with deployment, security, and automation challenges in the cloud. Many of these leaders want to employ more cloud resources. However, their companies have many existing DevOps processes that are incompatible with cloud computing. They realize that there are many benefits that can come … Continued

What is Business-Driven Development | BDD?

A different way of thinking about software Focus on the needs of the business, not the technology Business driven development is a software development paradigm that focuses on the needs of the business over the tech. It is designed for enterprise software, which differs markedly from consumer-facing apps. BDD relies on modelling the needs of … Continued

Continuous testing plus DevOps equals DevTestOps

How continuous testing enables DevTestOps Could this be the next revolution in software engineering? DevOps blurs the line between developers and operations, allowing companies to streamline their product releases. When you add continuous testing to the mix, you accelerate this process even more. The end result is DevTestOps, a new philosophy for agile teams. Background … Continued

The Role of a QA Manager in Software Testing

The Role of a QA Manager in Software Testing In addition to the core job, a QA manager can add value by finding new solutions that drive greater business ROI. This means venturing beyond methods and tools from years ago. Beyond technical development, test leads and QA managers strive to build an innovative, high-value team. … Continued

Why You Can’t Learn If Mistakes Aren’t Made

The saying “fail fast, fail often,” is by no means a new concept to agile teams, but what does it really mean? The idea that failing often is a good thing can be tricky for people to wrap their heads around. After all, we live in a culture that demonizes failure and attributes negativity to … Continued

Software Testing Trends We’ve Seen in 2016… So Far

The software testing industry is ever changing, which is why it’s crucial to keep one’s finger on the pulse. With half of 2016 already behind us, we thought it pertinent to stay up-to-date with the current software testing trends and share our discovery with the community. These are the four trends that we’ve seen in … Continued

Basics of Web Application Security Testing

We use web applications every day. Whether it’s to shop online, pay bills, communicate with others or play games, they truly encompass what it means to be a part of the digital world. While apps are a great way to bring people together through shared interests, they also have their flaws and can leave users … Continued

Software Development: When Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win the Race

Growing up, it’s likely you heard the well-known folktale about the race between the tortoise and the hare. The hare, moving so quickly, decides to take a nap during the race, which it turns out allows the tortoise to catch up and, ultimately, defeat the hare by crossing the finish line first. In theory, this … Continued