Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination

How to get your digital transformation right The past decade has seen a steep change in how businesses leverage technology. The rise of SaaS has driven a digital transformation revolution. But why is it many companies find digital transformation so hard? Digital transformation is often seen as a panacea for all of a company’s ills. … Continued

QA is evolving to a lead role in digital transformation

Software quality assurance has come a long way since the beginning. Testing and verification are no longer mere support functions. Today, many organizations view QA as critical to business strategy and customer satisfaction. This is clearly seen in the latest World Quality Report. Researchers collected data from 1,600 executives in over 30 countries. The analytical … Continued

July 26th in New York: Digital Transformation Experiences in the Cloud

The “D” (Digital) word has become an integral part of boardroom conversations. Indeed, digital transformation has become critical for corporations to survive in today’s mobile, always-on world. Core to the digital theme is business speed and agility, and the cloud has become a key enabler of the transformation effort by raising IT responsiveness. For quickly … Continued

How a Leading CRM Provider Transformed Their Testing

Global-class, enterprise SaaS providers face huge challenges in ensuring their business-critical apps remain available and perform as advertised. Recently, the team at Functionize had an opportunity to examine exactly how conventional test automation frameworks were failing to meet the needs of one large SaaS CRM provider for automation, insight, and scale. We were able to … Continued