Why Selenium is opaque, not just black-box

Working ≠ correct The problem with opaque tests Selenium revolutionized testing. But it also changed the dynamic between the Quality Engineers and product team. Effectively, Selenium tests are completely black-box. Only the QE that wrote the test can tell exactly what it does. Here, we explain the problem with this and contrast it to how … Continued

Automating your testing with Functionize

A brief guide for first-time users Functionize delivers the first autonomous, AI cloud-based testing platform. This guide will help you get started. We’ll show you how to create tests, how to run tests across all major browsers including mobile devices (beta) and how to view the results of the tests. We’ll also explain how Functionize … Continued

Natural Language Processing: The Future of Test Creation

Test creation is evolving. As legacy challenges persist—and new challenges arise—test creation must become easier and more responsive. Many QA experts agree that the changes presently underway in the software industry-at-large are considerably more volatile than any previous evolution. Except for small, experimental software projects, test creation must evolve because modern application development continues to … Continued

How Functionize Stimulates Customer Experience

Customer experience in recent marketing hyperbole is synonymous with quality. And notice that both aspire to imply good: good customer experience means good quality. Furthermore, quality software is a consequence of accurate testing. Naturally then customer experience equally improves when testing ensures intended performance. Customer experience is now so deeply entangled with quality and testing … Continued

Functionize To Build On Google’s New Nested Virtualization

Functionize’s AI-powered Testing in the Cloud tests websites visually and functionally, using highly-accurate emulations of Android and other mobile devices, as well as desktop devices, operating systems, browsers, and configurations. This is a huge win for QA and development teams who need native mobile systems for testing. Using Google’s new CPU virtualization, Functionize now enables … Continued

When Continuous Delivery Needs A Pick-Me-Up

By now, you’re probably aware of continuous delivery and its wide adoption amongst large enterprise level companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Additionally, when it’s discussed, it probably sounds like the benefits are endless – shortened software development life cycles and a reduction in cost, time and risk. Ah, the wonders! So, where do … Continued

How to Spot a Bad Software Tester

Software testing can sometimes be a self-sacrificing career. It’s the tester’s job to not only find bugs, but to also be the one to deliver the bad news when they are found. The adversity they face from developers, executives and stakeholders can be daunting, and it takes a strong and skilled tester to maintain their … Continued