Cloud testing. Saving precious DevOps time

How moving testing to the cloud saves scarce DevOps resources Automated testing has transformed software development. It allows complex UIs to be regression tested in days rather than weeks. However, this comes at a price for your DevOps team who have to support the required infrastructure. We look at how cloud testing can transform your … Continued

Why RPA Projects Can Fail (+ How You Can Fix It)

Many businesses are attracted to the concept of RPA to help them improve their businesses processes. However, in the rush to jump into RPA, some companies are missing critical steps on the path to implementing RPA successfully. The good news is that when organizations understand the common pitfalls that can come with this technology, it’s … Continued

When is an AI not an AI? On the intelligent use of AI.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, virtual assistants, … For the last few years, AI has dominated the world of technology. But what really is AI? And how many so-called applications are an intelligent use of AI? Artificial intelligence has long been a dream of mankind. Over the past few years, we have got closer … Continued

How Functionize Stimulates Developer Driven Testing

Testing is a critical part of the process for any development project. However, there are many different ways you can approach testing. Knowing what’s best for your team comes down to understanding the many different testing options, how they work, and what they’re best suited for. Developer Driven Testing is one of those options. Developer … Continued

Worst of the Worst—The Biggest Software Fails in Recent Memory

Friends don’t let friends release bad software. Most teams know too well the sting of learning from their own mistakes, but it’s much less painful to learn lessons from the experience of others. With that in mind, this article reviews a number of very public catastrophic software failures in recent years. No, we’re not trying … Continued

A QA Perspective on Measuring and Managing Technical Debt

Here’s a typical scenario in many development teams all around the world: The sprint is nearing completion, and the profile on that burndown chart remains at the same crazy angle. As it was in the last sprint, and the sprint before that. Same as it ever was. (Is that Talking Heads song stuck in your … Continued

Types of Software Testing

Software testing, also known as application testing, has a somewhat ambiguous definition and is a broad process composed of several interlinked types of software testing. Its primary objective is to measure software health and completeness in regard to core requirements. This is achieved by detecting differences between the given input and expected output. Essentially, think … Continued

The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Software Testing

In many aspects of personal, public, and business life, pursuing objectivity or fairness often means finding a common ground. The ideal is to find a state of neutrality in which everyone can work and communicate in an environment that is free of bias. The problem is that this is simply unachievable because human and organizational … Continued

What is End-to-end Testing?

When developing any complex application, it’s essential to know that the system functions properly as a whole. Unit testing and integration testing can tell you that every part of the system works correctly, but that doesn’t guarantee that they all the parts fit together properly. Imagine if you are creating something mechanical such as a … Continued