How you should be Load Testing | Why Real User Sessions are Necessary

Load testing remains as important as ever, both to ensure that you deliver consistent performance to users and to allow you to understand how your system needs to scale to cope under load. One of the big advances Functionize brings is improved load testing.¬†Rather than rely on multiple, relatively static HTML sessions, Functionize executes fully-formed … Continued

The Difference Between Load Testing & Stress Testing

There is no denying just how popular mobile apps have become in the last decade. The audience that regularly consumes mobile media like apps is nearly two times as large as desktop users. For most tech entrepreneurs and small business owners, having a mobile app is something they view as a priority. Regardless of what … Continued

Load Testing: Long Preparation Time Required for Success

Remember the debacle that was when it launched? Who could forget? More than a million people hurried onto the website to sign up for health insurance and, instead, were met with slow load times and crash after crash. How did this happen, you ask? Unfortunately, this particular incident was the result of federal officials … Continued