Conventional Appium Mobile test automation with Java

For many years now, Appium has been a fairly effective mobile app test automation tool. As technology and functional complexity increases, development teams are encountering more challenges in using Appium. We explore some of those challenges here. It’s important, however, that our readers understand that it’s unnecessary to continue grappling with the limitations of Appium. … Continued

Don’t Crash the Party: How to Ensure Your App’s Stability

Source: According to some studies, more than half of users may uninstall a smartphone app that freezes, crashes or otherwise behaves unexpectedly. There’s no stronger incentive for developers to spend time and money identifying and resolving stability issues. Disappointing users is the swiftest path to app failure. Note that app stability is not just … Continued

Mobile Web App Automation Testing: the first scalable point-and-click mobile solution

Functionize now extends its continuous QA platform of functional software testing to include mobile web app testing. This natural step expands the reach of Functionize’s cloud-powered automation testing to include myriad mobile devices and diverse display options. Functionize wields Google’s Nested Virtualization to execute test scenarios on all major mobile device types including iPhone and … Continued

Five Mobile App Testing Challenges That Exist

The long-awaited day has finally arrived… your mobile app has launched. Congratulations are most definitely in order. However, before you start popping those champagne corks, be aware of the new challenges that await you now that your mobile app is officially on the market. Let’s face it. Mobile users are critical and unforgiving, but who … Continued