Production Testing – what, why, and how

Ensuring your production systems are performing   Avoiding unexpected problems with new releases Testing used to finish before release. Now production testing is an integral part of any large system. We’ll explore some of the concepts used in production testing and show how Functionize can help you do this intelligently. Overview Once upon a time, … Continued

Optimize Page Loading by Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks

Website and web-app users expect a captivating and efficient experience. No matter how good your content, you’ve got to keep visitors and users engaged with fast rendering performance, or they’ll switch to another webpage and perhaps never return. This is the primary reason that it’s vitally important to monitor and optimize key webpage performance metrics. … Continued

Don’t Crash the Party: How to Ensure Your App’s Stability

Source: According to some studies, more than half of users may uninstall a smartphone app that freezes, crashes or otherwise behaves unexpectedly. There’s no stronger incentive for developers to spend time and money identifying and resolving stability issues. Disappointing users is the swiftest path to app failure. Note that app stability is not just … Continued

A Brief Overview of Performance Testing Tools

The field of performance testing is undergoing a major transformation. Highly technical tools like JMeter have helped companies make better business decisions in light of understanding a website’s performance across static and dynamic resources. Since the customer experience online is so critical today, companies cannot afford to be unaware of scenarios and conditions that could … Continued

Five Signs It’s Time to Run Performance Testing on Your Website

The best time to start testing of any kind is before any code is ever given out; however, this isn’t always possible. Perhaps your website is already up and running or your software application is already in the hands of your customers. Either way, performance issues will arise and when that time comes, performance testing … Continued

Why You Need to Start Performance Testing Today

More than ever, organizations today depend on their software applications to drive execution on both an internal and external level. Whether to improve business processes or meet customer requirements, this new digital age means poor performance and lag time in responsiveness is no longer tolerated. It’s vital software applications have the ability to manage any … Continued

Avoid a Black Friday & Cyber Monday Disaster With Performance Testing

It’s hard to believe, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming just around the corner. With online shoppers frantically chasing the sales dragon, you better make sure your website is ready to perform to customer satisfaction. Failure to rise to the occasion means not only bad press for your organization, but also lost revenue … Continued