Functionize CLI, a developer’s guide

Installing and using the Functionize CLI Access the power of Functionize through the command-line The Functionize CLI was created by developers, for developers. Here we explain how you can use it to improve your productivity, creating new tests, running orchestrations and even testing against a local instance of your site. Background The Functionize Command Line … Continued

Natural Language Processing: The Future of Test Creation

Test creation is evolving. As legacy challenges persist—and new challenges arise—test creation must become easier and more responsive. Many QA experts agree that the changes presently underway in the software industry-at-large are considerably more volatile than any previous evolution. Except for small, experimental software projects, test creation must evolve because modern application development continues to … Continued

Functionize To Build On Google’s New Nested Virtualization

Functionize’s AI-powered Testing in the Cloud tests websites visually and functionally, using highly-accurate emulations of Android and other mobile devices, as well as desktop devices, operating systems, browsers, and configurations. This is a huge win for QA and development teams who need native mobile systems for testing. Using Google’s new CPU virtualization, Functionize now enables … Continued