What are CSS selectors and how they are used in Selenium.

CSS selectors are used to decide the style to apply to an element on a web page. Selenium cleverly reuses them in order to choose the correct element to interact with. Here, we look at what CSS selectors are and some of the pitfalls of relying on them. What is CSS? CSS, or cascading style … Continued

Test infrastructure costs – the true price of Selenium

As every developer and manager knows, the cloud transformed how software was delivered. But over a decade after the beta launch of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, automated testing often still uses dedicated hardware. Read on to learn how Functionize is bringing the benefits of the cloud to testing, slashing test infrastructure costs and … Continued

Why Selenium is opaque, not just black-box

Working ≠ correct The problem with opaque tests Selenium revolutionized testing. But it also changed the dynamic between the Quality Engineers and product team. Effectively, Selenium tests are completely black-box. Only the QE that wrote the test can tell exactly what it does. Here, we explain the problem with this and contrast it to how … Continued

Make test maintenance easy in Selenium?

The dos and don’ts of test scripting Simplify your life by following these best practices Test maintenance is one of the biggest nightmares for test automation engineers. Even the smallest change to a UI can break your tests. Here we give some helpful tips to make your life easier. Introduction There is no question that … Continued

The Top 10 Reasons Selenium Tests Fail

For more than a decade, Selenium has revolutionized web application testing, bringing the ability to automate tests that previously could only be run manually. In theory, this has freed up QA Engineers to work on developing new tests and tracking down the actual cause of test failures. In practice, anyone who has used Selenium extensively … Continued

What is Selenium Grid | Scaling Test Executions

Ever since websites grew beyond simple pages of information with photos and started offering interactive services such as online shopping, social media, and video, proper UI testing has been essential. However, testing web applications is often far more complicated than testing an equivalent mobile app, since there’s a much broader matrix of test variables. For … Continued

Alternatives to Selenium IDE

As Selenium IDE’s support within Firefox 55 and onward has been phased out this past August, IDE has found new life with Chrome. While this is great news for existing users of IDE, who understand the practicality of the tool, for those QA engineers and developers who are still hoping that IDE will be a … Continued

A Brief History of Selenium IDE

Beyond “Never get involved in a land war in Asia” — if there’s a single rule all coders adhere to before any code push, it’s to run a full regression set. Over the past 15 years, I’ve always sought to release code as efficiently as possible, and the sheer time required to test is surprisingly … Continued