Why Test Recorders Often Fail (+ What to Use Instead)

Is your organization losing time and wasting resources while using test recorders? Many companies are without realizing it’s happening. Teams know that testing is a critical part of the development process and that automation is key. However, in a time where agile development is the focus and applications change quickly, the traditional test recording and … Continued

Teaching test automation to a beginner

How to explain test automation to a complete beginner Do you remember the first time you created an automated test? Or perhaps you’re such a grizzly, seasoned veteran you can’t remember that far back. Either way, everyone began somewhere. In this brief blog, we look at how you can help teach test automation to a … Continued

What Is Gherkin + How Do You Write Gherkin Tests?

There are many options available to teams when it comes to how to write and test software. How do you determine which syntax to use and what testing solution is right for you? In this post, we’re going to explore the use of Gherkin and Gherkin tests. We’ll cover the syntax, how to write a … Continued

Behavior Driven Development without the pain

BDD – what it is and how to use it Putting your business needs first  Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a development methodology that places emphasis on meeting the business needs of the software. In this blog we explore what BDD is, why you might choose to adopt it and how to define features in … Continued

BDD: Accelerating Behavior-Driven Development with NLP

Quality Assurance BDD with NLP This post is about the role of BDD (behavior-driven development) & NLP. Dan North wrote that “BDD began life as an NLP exercise to stem the abuse of the word “test” in TDD”. Since then, it has come to be a proven Agile methodology. The goal of BDD is to identify … Continued

How NLP Will Drive the Future of Software Testing

As Functionize debuts its NLP feature set, it’s important that our readers understand how natural language processing has been changing our world—and how you soon be able to leverage NLP to further improve automated testing of your software applications. In this article, we look at the challenges of conventional requirements-based testing, recent industry advancements in … Continued

The Role of the Software Tester

QA staff members are commonly known as testers, but the role of a tester should go beyond the simple notion of verification testing. The primary responsibility—and passion—should be to contribute to the highest quality of the final product. Quality assurance staff are responsible for verifying that a releasable software product achieves a high level of … Continued

Natural Language Processing: The Future of Test Creation

Test creation is evolving. As legacy challenges persist—and new challenges arise—test creation must become easier and more responsive. Many QA experts agree that the changes presently underway in the software industry-at-large are considerably more volatile than any previous evolution. Except for small, experimental software projects, test creation must evolve because modern application development continues to … Continued