What are CSS selectors and how they are used in Selenium.

CSS selectors are used to decide the style to apply to an element on a web page. Selenium cleverly reuses them in order to choose the correct element to interact with. Here, we look at what CSS selectors are and some of the pitfalls of relying on them. What is CSS? CSS, or cascading style … Continued

What is smart object selection?

Object selection is the key to UI test automation. In traditional script-based tools, such as Selenium, object selection is typically pretty obtuse; stubbornly tying you to specific variables. In this blog, we explore why this is a problem. We go on to show how smart object selection increases effective test coverage by an order of … Continued

Test Maintenance needn’t be hard

Keeping your scripts current without wasting time   Test maintenance is essential. At Functionize we make it much easier Here at Functionize we leverage AI to help you reduce the time needed for test maintenance. From Self-Healing Tests to Root Cause Analysis, our system is designed to make your life easier and more productive. Introduction … Continued

Case study: Functionize Eliminates Agvance Test Maintenance with Machine Learning

Background Through their Agvance product line, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC (SSI) has become one of the most well-respected providers of integrated software to retailers in the agriculture sector. Agvance has been developed over a number of years and provides retailers with focused solutions for agronomy, grain management, energy management, and accounting. In early 2017 the … Continued

Functionize Root Cause Analysis & Self-Heal

Overview One of the biggest costs involved in testing is maintaining tests that fail, due to changes over time in the system being tested. A major factor in this cost of test maintenance is that when a test fails, the failing action is often not the root cause of the failure. The root cause may … Continued

The Evolution of Fixing Broken Tests

Background and history of debugging The huge growth of web applications over recent years has been accompanied by a growth in automated testing solutions. Many web applications are so complex that without automation they would be impossible to test properly. However, automated tests require constant maintenance and debugging. Indeed, often these tasks end up taking … Continued

Why Testing Automation Hasn’t Reduced the QA Cycle

Testing automation is now an engineering concern. The culture of QA testing of new applications is presently devolving from straightforward validation and verification to a second level development complex in which testers need software engineering skills. This is a problem because it is neither desirable nor efficient to limit testing capability to developers or engineers. … Continued