CLI Test Integration now possible

CLI test integration is now possible!   Works with any OS   Create, run and edit Functionize tests from the command line Functionize’s new CLI allows you to create, edit and run our AI tests from the command line. The CLI supports Windows, MacOS and Linux, and you can run tests on any environment, even … Continued

Flying with Spinnaker

Continuous integration and delivery is a best practice emerging from decades of learnings from Agile, Extreme Programming, and similar coding disciplines, all urging teams towards shorter and shorter sprints and more and more frequent releases. Short sprints keep goals simple, and produce frequent, tangible (‘minimum viable,’ or MV) product improvements that increase value to customers. … Continued

Continuous Testing – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

What is Continuous Testing? Test automation produces a set of failure/acceptance data points that correspond to product requirements. Continuous testing has a broader scope across more of the development cycle, focuses more on business risk, and provides more insight on the probability that a product is going to be shippable. It’s a shifting in thinking, … Continued

Why Testing Automation Hasn’t Reduced the QA Cycle

Testing software is now an engineering concern. The culture of QA testing of new applications is presently devolving from straightforward validation and verification to a second level development complex in which testers need software engineering skills. This is a problem because it is neither desirable nor efficient to limit testing capability to developers or engineers. … Continued

End-to-End Testing Tools

Software development in the year 2018 is mostly repetitive tasks, and the bulk of end-to-end testing tasks is now scripted. Combining myriad consoles and scripting languages to achieve CI/T/CD was until recently state-of-the-art automation testing. Ultimately, this craving to automate everything motivates the creation of end-to-end testing tools. In reality, there is no single tool … Continued

Software Testing Fundamentals

Thanks to the innovative, felicitous use of machine learning techniques, Functionize is the harbinger of a new era of testing automation which now transcends compatibility issues and relieves much of the pressure on enterprises to staff QA engineers who wield advanced degrees in computer science. Now it is very possible for nearly anyone to engage … Continued

Agile Testing Automation | What it is & How to Avoid Scripting

Automation testing traditionally involved writing a script to test new code commits to an application; in reality, the developer automated software testing for the QA engineers. But this is not automation from the developer’s point of view. This method involves a lot of additional manual coding work and anticipation for the developer. End users, in … Continued

The Fully Containerized Testing Strategy

Did you know that Tesla can deploy firmware updates to its Model S seconds after a developer updates a module to improve the car’s acceleration performance or refine the car’s console? Streamlined development-to-deployment efficiency arises elegantly from a smart automated testing strategy. The automated testing procedure guarantees that this code update does not break any … Continued