Bridging the Gap Between Devs and Testers. Is Test Gap Analysis a Solution?

It is a widely held belief that developers and testers get on like chalk and cheese. Developers often look down their noses at testers, viewing them as an inflexible and unhelpful drag on developing new code who fail to provide clear details in their bug tickets. Equally, testers often view developers with irritation for failing … Continued

How AI Enables Teams To “Shift Left” with Software Testing

Software testing is such an integral part of the modern IT industry that sometimes we forget that back in the day, there wasn’t even a specific testing phase of software development. Now, engineers build their entire career on testing software before release, and Quality Assurance has become a key aspect of the development cycle. Consequently, … Continued

Optimize Page Loading by Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks

Website and web-app users expect a captivating and efficient experience. No matter how good your content, you’ve got to keep visitors and users engaged with fast rendering performance, or they’ll switch to another webpage and perhaps never return. This is the primary reason that it’s vitally important to monitor and optimize key webpage performance metrics. … Continued

Scalability in Automated Testing

When discussing test automation, it can be helpful to think explicitly of automated test execution, because the majority of those involved in the process are referring to automating the test execution. Such a focus on automating the execution of the tests makes it plain that even non-technical testers can access and use the automation tools. Modern AI-driven automation technology (such as you’ll find in Functionize) makes it much easier for teams to collaborate and benefit from automated testing.