Risk-based Testing — When and How?

Risk-based Testing — When and How? QA as insurance for managing risk Empowering Test Automation This post covers Risk-based Testing in the QA industry. Test management tools help testers prioritize risks and inform business stakeholders on overall testing status. Using test automation tools like Functionize, testers can manage risk more effectively. Software testing has undergone … Continued

The Evolution of Fixing Broken Tests

Background and history of debugging The huge growth of web applications over recent years has been accompanied by a growth in automated testing solutions. Many web applications are so complex that without automation they would be impossible to test properly. However, automated tests require constant maintenance and debugging. Indeed, often these tasks end up taking … Continued

Worst of the Worst—The Biggest Software Fails in Recent Memory

Friends don’t let friends release bad software. Most teams know too well the sting of learning from their own mistakes, but it’s much less painful to learn lessons from the experience of others. With that in mind, this article reviews a number of very public catastrophic software failures in recent years. No, we’re not trying … Continued

Robot Framework: A Closer Look at Keyword-driven Testing Approach

A Brief History of Keyword-Driven Automation Testing Keyword-driven automation testing paradoxically figured among the original solutions to the problem of scripted automation testing tools. Robot Framework led the field of open source packages. The solution of the time was to reduce scripting, not to eliminate it altogether. Perhaps surprisingly, these scripted testing tools required automation … Continued