Levels of Automation in Testing

Automation, or the process of getting a machine or computer to perform its task(s) without human intervention, has revolutionized the manufacturing industry over the past 50 years. Automated processes control the manufacture of computer chips, pick and place machines assemble circuit boards with a precision no human can achieve, robots assemble cars so fast that … Continued

Dan Gannon, New VP of Global Alliance & Channels, Dives into Functionize

Functionize welcomes Dan Gannon as our new VP of Global Alliance and Channels.  Dan is an experienced technology executive with over 30 years of expertise in enterprise software—having journeyed across a wide variety of software products, solutions, and industry verticals. Since 2006, Dan has been focusing on business development and solutions architecture in the software … Continued

How to Deal with the Challenges of Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is poorly understood by too many developers, testers, and managers. If you’re a QA manager, it’s understandable if you have the urge to emit a primal scream at the mere mention of it. Also known as browser compatibility testing, this type of testing can be quite frustrating for your developers, a monotonous tedium … Continued

Challenges and Benefits of Automating Testing for Microservices | Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I gave you an overview of how the microservices architecture differs from the classic monolithic software architecture and we explored why microservices are so hard to test using traditional testing methodologies. I gave 5 tips for how you might approach your test planning and briefly touched on serverless … Continued

Building a Test Automation Team

There is no shortage of discussion in the software industry about who should own the responsibility for designing, creating, and maintaining test automation. Automation roles and team structures vary across different companies, teams, and development scenarios. The concern for test automation roles tends to elevate when startups move into a growth spurt, or when a … Continued

Flying with Spinnaker

Continuous integration and delivery is a best practice emerging from decades of learnings from Agile, Extreme Programming, and similar coding disciplines, all urging teams towards shorter and shorter sprints and more and more frequent releases. Short sprints keep goals simple, and produce frequent, tangible (‘minimum viable,’ or MV) product improvements that increase value to customers. … Continued

The Pursuit of Continuous Testing

In a recent Functionize article, I wrote about the need for continuous testing, how CT differs from testing automation, and the importance of continuous assessment and risk mitigation while exploring how to implement CT. This article is a follow-up, in which we’ll look at the CT challenges, scope, benefits and best-practices. Look both ways: The … Continued

Robot Framework: A Closer Look at Keyword-driven Testing Approach

A Brief History of Keyword-Driven Automation Testing Keyword-driven automation testing paradoxically figured among the original solutions to the problem of scripted automation testing tools. Robot Framework led the field of open source packages. The solution of the time was to reduce scripting, not to eliminate it altogether. Perhaps surprisingly, these scripted testing tools required automation … Continued