Risk-based Testing — When and How?

Risk-based Testing — When and How? QA as insurance for managing risk Empowering Test Automation This post covers Risk-based Testing in the QA industry. Test management tools help testers prioritize risks and inform business stakeholders on overall testing status. Using test automation tools like Functionize, testers can manage risk more effectively. Software testing has undergone … Continued

Dan Gannon, New VP of Global Alliance & Channels, Dives into Functionize

Functionize welcomes Dan Gannon as our new VP of Global Alliance and Channels.  Dan is an experienced technology executive with over 30 years of expertise in enterprise software—having journeyed across a wide variety of software products, solutions, and industry verticals. Since 2006, Dan has been focusing on business development and solutions architecture in the software … Continued

How NLP Will Drive the Future of Software Testing

As Functionize debuts its NLP feature set, it’s important that our readers understand how natural language processing has been changing our world—and how you soon be able to leverage NLP to further improve automated testing of your software applications. In this article, we look at the challenges of conventional requirements-based testing, recent industry advancements in … Continued

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Software Quality

Marc Andreessen famously said that software is eating the world. This notion, that every company must become first and foremost a software company, is hardly a radical notion these days. However, even as businesses across industries have invested deeply in their software capabilities, they are now struggling with the complexities of modern software development and … Continued

Functionize Now Integrates with Heroku CI!

For enterprises that need turnkey CI, Heroku provides an end-to-end automated solution that integrates the wide variety of tools needed to build, test, and deploy applications, eliminating the usual provisioning, configuration, and management of pipelines involving development, test, staging, and production environments. Today, Heroku is announcing general availability (GA) of Heroku CI Parallel Test Runs … Continued

Natural Language Processing: The Future of Test Creation

Test creation is evolving. As legacy challenges persist—and new challenges arise—test creation must become easier and more responsive. Many QA experts agree that the changes presently underway in the software industry-at-large are considerably more volatile than any previous evolution. Except for small, experimental software projects, test creation must evolve because modern application development continues to … Continued

Testing Automation for Infotainment Systems

Automotive equipment manufacturers continue to face the challenge of providing in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems that delight their customers. Automobile occupants expect to interact with new infotainment systems that are intuitive, powerful and exhibit high quality. For a new IVI system to be viable in the marketplace, it must easily integrate with mobile device features and … Continued

AI-Autonomous Models That Are Transforming Business

As we saw in a recent blog, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives in ways that could only be imagined just a few years ago. Increasingly, we are now seeing major businesses deferring important business decisions to autonomous artificial intelligences. AI offers some very attractive benefits for big businesses – an AI won’t decide … Continued

The Future of Test Automation | Part 1 of 2 discussions with Rebecca Karch

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rebecca Karch, QA advisor and former VP of Customer Success at TurnKey Solutions, to discuss the evolving role of QA, especially as it relates to continuous delivery. As a two-part series, Becky will explore the current state of test automation and how autonomous testing is poised … Continued