Case study: Functionize Eliminates Agvance Test Maintenance with Machine Learning

Background Through their Agvance product line, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC (SSI) has become one of the most well-respected providers of integrated software to retailers in the agriculture sector. Agvance has been developed over a number of years and provides retailers with focused solutions for agronomy, grain management, energy management, and accounting. In early 2017 the … Continued

AI Software Testing: Machine Learning

Part Two of a Three-Part Series Machine Learning lets testing software extract important features from fuzzy and fast-changing information — exploiting a basic understanding that “everything is data”. Machine learning is at the leading edge of much of today’s most exciting research in AI, data mining, optimization, speech processing, and related fields. And it’s a … Continued

Automating Visual Testing

Convolutional neural nets — and a superb new test-set — help Functionize perform web visual (and machine-vision-enhanced functional) testing that’s fast, robust, and resource-efficient Determining if web pages have been been correctly rendered is essential to website testing. If a layout breaks, if controls render outside the viewport or selectors stack in the wrong z-index … Continued