Optimize Page Loading by Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks

Website and web-app users expect a captivating and efficient experience. No matter how good your content, you’ve got to keep visitors and users engaged with fast rendering performance, or they’ll switch to another webpage and perhaps never return. This is the primary reason that it’s vitally important to monitor and optimize key webpage performance metrics. … Continued

AI Software Testing: Machine Learning

Part Two of a Three-Part Series Machine Learning lets testing software extract important features from fuzzy and fast-changing information — exploiting a basic understanding that “everything is data”. Machine learning is at the leading edge of much of today’s most exciting research in AI, data mining, optimization, speech processing, and related fields. And it’s a … Continued

A Brief Overview of Performance Testing Tools

The field of performance testing is undergoing a major transformation. Highly technical tools like JMeter have helped companies make better business decisions in light of understanding a website’s performance across static and dynamic resources. Since the customer experience online is so critical today, companies cannot afford to be unaware of scenarios and conditions that could … Continued