Part 2: AI’s impact on Business | Visual Intelligence

In the first part of this blog, we explored what AI is, looked at some history and some of the applications of AI in business. I left you with the thought that the application of AI to vision is one of the big areas for growth. This blog will explore this in more detail and … Continued

Discovering the Children of AI: Machine Learning & Deep Learning

In 1905, Albert Einstein penned separate papers outlining the two theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, inadvertently igniting a century of debate over fundamentally different notions of reality. Although physicists have tried to settle the feud in the public square for a century, misconceptions still abound surrounding terms like relativity and quantum mechanics. The last … Continued

How AI Impacts Regression Testing

Research shows that software testing accounts for 50% of the overall cost of  software development. By definition, testing consumes enterprise resources and adds no functionality to the application; indeed the product’s functionality itself is under scrutiny. If regression testing reveals a new error introduced by a code revision then a new cycle of revision begins. … Continued