The Difference Between Load Testing & Stress Testing

There is no denying just how popular mobile apps have become in the last decade. The audience that regularly consumes mobile media like apps is nearly two times as large as desktop users. For most tech entrepreneurs and small business owners, having a mobile app is something they view as a priority. Regardless of what … Continued

How to Deal with the Challenges of Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is poorly understood by too many developers, testers, and managers. If you’re a QA manager, it’s understandable if you have the urge to emit a primal scream at the mere mention of it. Also known as browser compatibility testing, this type of testing can be quite frustrating for your developers, a monotonous tedium … Continued

Flying with Spinnaker

Continuous integration and delivery is a best practice emerging from decades of learnings from Agile, Extreme Programming, and similar coding disciplines, all urging teams towards shorter and shorter sprints and more and more frequent releases. Short sprints keep goals simple, and produce frequent, tangible (‘minimum viable,’ or MV) product improvements that increase value to customers. … Continued