AI-Autonomous Models That Are Transforming Business

As we saw in a recent blog, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives in ways that could only be imagined just a few years ago. Increasingly, we are now seeing major businesses deferring important business decisions to autonomous artificial intelligences. AI offers some very attractive benefits for big businesses – an AI won’t decide … Continued

Achieve Higher Levels of Maturity in Testing Automation

In the age of software development agility, there is more incentive to move toward a continuous delivery model. Continuous Delivery (CD) enables a production-ready software release—at any time. Though it takes time to implement, configure, and remake the team culture, it dovetails well with Agile methodology. When done well, CD significantly reduces the release timeline … Continued

The Importance of Beta Testing

Years ago, the great statistician George E. P. Box once wrote once, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.“ Without question, this certainly applies to software development. Lamentably, beta testing often is neglected or short-circuited in the product development cycle. Though it is often undervalued or even ignored, beta testing is a … Continued

Don’t Crash the Party: How to Ensure Your App’s Stability

Source: According to some studies, more than half of users may uninstall a smartphone app that freezes, crashes or otherwise behaves unexpectedly. There’s no stronger incentive for developers to spend time and money identifying and resolving stability issues. Disappointing users is the swiftest path to app failure. Note that app stability is not just … Continued