The Importance of Planning your Tests

In many companies, especially smaller start-ups, testing is often an afterthought, with CEOs and managers sometimes viewing it as wasting valuable resources. But as we all know, without proper testing you risk releasing buggy software that damages your reputation and loses you customers. However, there is no doubt that testing can consume a lot of … Continued

User Acceptance Testing

In the history of software, there have been many classic examples of well-executed code that is so poorly designed for users that it ended up alienating the user base or became a complete failure. Some of you may remember “Clippy”, Microsoft’s infamously bad Office Assistant who was almost universally hated by users. This was an … Continued

The Importance of Beta Testing

Years ago, the great statistician George E. P. Box once wrote once, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.“ Without question, this certainly applies to software development. Lamentably, beta testing often is neglected or short-circuited in the product development cycle. Though it is often undervalued or even ignored, beta testing is a … Continued