Functionize Technology Advantages

Functionize Test Bots

Functionize Test Bots eliminate the need for teams to manage any testing infrastructure. They do the heavy lifting. Point them towards your app and watch them spin up thousands of tests in parallel, across any device, all over the globe, and all in a matter of minutes. They never quit working so your tests become more stable with each run. Get alerts from our Test Bots when your application isn’t performing as it should, and stop wondering why something broke. Watch them discover anomalies that will give your team confidence that your product is ready for launch and integration into CI/CD tools.

Visual Testing

Functionize uses computer vision to learn what your screens and objects actually look like, and where all the parts should be. So it knows what’s ‘visually normal’ and can flag what isn’t — And it collects snapshots to document visual screen changes, so finding and mitigating visual issues is fast and easy.

Functionize can use its visual read of page contents to adapt existing tests — self-healing them around code changes or application/framework dynamics that might make DOM code look different (breaking conventional scripts) but leave its appearance alone. This saves you huge time in maintenance.

Cross Browser Testing

Maintaining tests across different browsers has always been a nightmare. Not anymore. Functionize abstracts your browser cross-compatibility headache. Once a functional test is executed in Chrome, the same test suite can be executed across all other supported browsers in minutes. It’s not required to upload your SE Code to a browser stack – just choose the browser and platforms you want to test against.

Performance & Load Testing

Once a functional test is executed, Functionize provides both performance and load insights without any additional steps.

Performance data that reflects what a real user would see: 

In-depth performance data and detailed analysis of trending data

State-of-the-art visual rendering of your app

Load testing that’s created by executing functional tests against your website, at cloud scales using designated regions across the globe

Traffic that is realistic and indicative of real users

Load analysis of complex and real workflows vs simple page loads

Mobile Testing

90% of websites are now seeing more mobile than desktop traffic. Instead of having to maintain a complex device inventory, Functionize now lets you perform robust, fully-automated, machine-vision and AI-enhanced testing on natively-emulated mobile and desktop browsers — scaling on demand via Google Compute Engine and GCE nested virtualization.

Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s test suites have hundreds or thousands of cases, and applications are complex. You need high scale QA capability on demand.

By moving from on-prem scripting tools, like Selenium, to Functionize’s cloud-based SaaS solution, your test suites execute with speed and get more stable with every execution.