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Why Functionize?

Developing and testing new apps–or modifying existing ones–with current testing technology can be a lengthy, frustrating process. But innovate too quickly and you’re asking your user base to be your QA department.

Agile development requires equally agile testing. Functionize’s autonomous testing platform equips teams to create, execute, and maintain tests. Innovation without risk. Quality apps delivered quickly and seamlessly. A positive UX. That’s Functionize at work.

Lightning-Fast Test Creation

Create tests more quickly than you thought possible. No scripts required. Using the Recorder and advanced meta modeling, Functionize generates new and unique test cases in record time.

Execute Thousands of Tests in Minutes

Elastically scale functional, load, and performance testing across every browser and device.

Zero Maintenance

Deep learning, machine vision and Adaptive Event Analysis enable self-healing tests and root cause analysis engine.

Analytics and Reporting

Make informed and actionable decisions from deep analysis and a variety of impressive reports.

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Run on Different Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari, iOS, Android

Autonomous Testing for Agile Teams

Functionize is the first adaptive cloud-based testing platform that leverages machine learning and AI to accelerate development. By removing the need for your team to manage testing infrastructure and seamlessly integrating with CI/CD, we improve your software quality while dramatically reducing your time to market.

Functionize has the best all-in-one QA testing product I’ve seen. In just a few days, we were able to create over 150+ tests that provided thorough coverage around our benefits area of the business.

Brian Batraski, Manager of Quality Engineering, Zenefits

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