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10x your Productivity
with Generative AI

  • Achieve exceptional product quality, faster
  • Maximize coverage with automatic test creation
  • Slash maintenance with
99.9% element selection accuracy
  • Expedite release velocity at lower costs
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"Our team automated 70+ use cases in just 2 weeks using Functionize. Test coverage improved from ad hoc manual coverage to 100% daily automated coverage across multiple browser platforms. The more extensive coverage uncovered 10+ hidden defects and brought down the test cycle time from 2 days to 1 day."

Mariana Liberato-Canales, Sr IT Manager

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"Functionize is a genuine partner, who’s tailored the solution to align with our strategic roadmap.”

"The AI-driven platform is now an indispensable asset in our pursuit of delivering high-quality software, enabling us to surpass customer expectations while optimizing resources.”

Shai Srinivasan, IT Manager for Testing

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"We went from cringing when UI or code changes were done because of cumbersome and time-consuming processes to welcoming them due to the flexibility and mature self-healing logic that is built into the platform."

Duncan Anderson, VP of Quality Assurance

Case Study
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GE Healthcare reduced 40 hours of testing time to just 4 hours, achieving 90% labor savings.

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Secret Sauce

We collect millions of data points for every test and perceive your application as a multi-dimensional state machine, enabling unparalleled self-healing.

Why Functionize?

Trained on 8+ years of testing data from globally deployed applications, Functionize has the most advanced, accurate, and extensible machine learning models of any QA testing solution.

These ML models power the most advanced generative AI technology in the testing industry.

Gartner Cool Vendor 2020
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End-to-End Testing Meets Generative AI

Test Creation

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Next-gen ML test recorder

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Fully Autonomous Test Generation

Visual Testing

Full page or element-based testing

Test execution

  • No need to own, update, or maintain infra
  • Multi-language & multi-currency testing
  • Geo-located testing
  • Massive scale for parallel executions

Test Maintenance

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Tests evolve with your app

testAgent is our state-of-the-art self-healing module


Advanced Self-Heal & AI Assistant

Drive Dramatic Productivity Gains

Test Engineers

Test Engineers

Create stable tests faster, increase coverage and ensure optimal product quality.

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QA Managers

QA Managers

Release faster, prevent escaped defects and reduce QA team stress.

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Manual Testers

Engineering Leads

Improve application quality to gain competitive advantages.

Testing Executives - CTOs


Reduce QA testing costs and maximize ROI in every enterprise business unit.

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