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Fully Autonomous
Test Generation

Our deep learning models generate realistic tests with real data from user journeys & previous tests.

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Top Recognition from the Community

One day we had restyled a page pretty drastically. The head of QA came to me and said she couldn’t believe it!
None of the tests had failed.

Todd Erickson
Director of Technology, Agvance

With Functionize, I spend almost no time manually maintaining our test suites.

Business Leader at Sytrue

Before Functionize, our Quality Engineers had to rely on our DevOps and backend engineers to perform their work. Now with Functionize, they can not only serve more engineers and cover more parts of the product, but they can also perform their job without the help of other teams.

Vicente Goetten
Executive Director, TOTVS labs

Functionize offers an easy way for us to test a highly dynamic and complex production site, ensuring that not only the functionality, but the look and feel for our site is world class. We've seen the offering grow and evolve and directly impact our site quality by catching escaped defects in production.

Senior Manager at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I lead a technical team whose focus is not testing - we're a busy group. For me, the biggest benefit is not putting a ton of time into test automation and getting significant value out.

Marketing Technology Leader at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I am so happy my company chose to work with Functionize. I quickly learned a choice to use Functionize is a choice for success.

Enterprise Architect at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has been really attentive to our company needs. Working with representatives has been an absolute pleasure all the way around. They consistently provide great feedback, suggestions for development, assist creating test cases, help reach solutions and optimizations to new and existing tests.

Software Developer at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has a fast learning curve and therefore anyone, right from automation experts to business users can utilise this tool to write effective test cases, thus speeding up the testing cycle of an application. 

Consultant at
$10-30B revenue Services Company

Overall, it has been a great experience for me and the support that I get from the Functionize team is commendable.

Project Engineer at
$10-30B revenue Services Company

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Supporting All Enterprise Stakeholders

Test Engineers

Test Engineers
Free up bandwidth

  • Speed up test creation and maintenance with automated tests powered by machine learning.
  • Reduce testing noise. Fewer test failures mean that you can trust your test results. Spot bugs easily and show developers what’s broken.
  • Free up time spent on repetitive tasks. Focus on higher-value activities, increase your test coverage, and automate even more tests!
QA Managers

QA Managers
Maximize team efficiency

  • Focus your teams on the right activities. Protect them from QA churn with a testing platform they will love.
  • Level the playing field with low-code and no-code features so that more people can participate in the testing process. Integrate with your existing DevOps ecosystems for continuous testing.
  • Kill test debt before it becomes a pain — invest time wisely in robust test automation that you can trust.
Manual Testers

Manual Testers
Test more in less time

  • Overcome barriers to automation with no-code tests, run at scale in the cloud, with user-friendly interfaces for test results.
  • Upskill your testing expertise and future-proof your career with AI-powered testing.
  • Reduce stress with intuitive, self-healing tests that ease up your workload.
Testing Executives - CTOs

Innovate faster

  • Deliver innovative projects faster with fewer escaped defects.
  • Generate more value from existing teams.
  • Maximize ROI with virtual headcount and lower testing costs

Why Functionize?

The most Advanced Machine Learning Engine in the market

Big Data & ML Drive the Functionize Engine

Trained on 7 years of testing data from globally deployed applications, Functionize has the most advanced, accurate, and extensible machine learning models of any QA testing solution.

Functionize collects millions of data points from your site’s UI and functionality. We feed this data to our machine learning algorithms so they can adapt with site changes and self-heal tests that would typically otherwise break. If tests do fail, there are multiple no-code ways to fix them in a few clicks.

The complete AI-powered E2E testing solution

In the Cloud

Functionize has taken a unique approach to E2E testing. Instead of trying to drive native desktop and Windows applications requiring installations on every test machine, we have brought the most common E2E scenarios to the cloud. Our suite of web-based tools allow you to test not just the UI and UX of your web application, but also databases, excel sheets, PDF files, APIs, text messages, emails, and much more.

While Functionize is powerful out of the box, it was designed to handle any unique use cases that customers may need. Advanced features like orchestrations, variables, loops, conditionals, and TDM add powerful capabilities, while custom code and extensions allow users to literally write their own logic as needed.

Top Features


Next-gen ML test recorder

Effortlessly generate test cases for major web browsers or emulated iOS & Android devices for mobile web testing. Architect eliminates the need for selectors by capturing millions of data points to ensure accurate and efficient testing.


Visual Testing

Full page or element-based testing

More than a pixel-by-pixel comparison - Functionize generates a visual model of your application using data collected during test creation. Visually compare test runs against this baseline to identify any test failures or anomalies, whether for a few elements or full pages within your application.

Visual Testing


Tests evolve with your app

Our patent-pending Self-Healing technology reduces test maintenance. Our deep learning model identifies changes, and where appropriate, heals your tests to reflect the most recent version, saving you 90% of the time it takes to maintain tests with traditional solutions.

Self Heaing

Execute at Scale in the Cloud

With no need to own, update, or maintain infrastructure.

Our platform supports multi-language and multi-currency testing, geo-located testing to optimize performance across different regions, and massive scale for parallel executions.

Test Cloud

Test Editing & Debugging

Quickly diagnose failures & edit tests rapidly

Debug tests in real time while they are running. Promptly detect errors, resolve them, and examine the elements selected by our ML engine.You can set breakpoints to edit tests live in a VM, update tests using screenshots, and apply one-click fixes.

Test Editing


Fits seamlessly into your CI/CD ecosystem

We offer integrations for almost every system you’d want to integrate with: your build, deployment, and test management pipelines.

  • JIRA: Log defects and create traceability
  • Xray: Maximize visibility as you accelerate automation across teams
  • TestRail: Track Functionize results
All Integrations

Enterprise Capabilities

Multiple Deployment Options

Select from Cloud, On-Premise, or Private Cloud

We offer multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs. Host in the cloud, or deploy on your local servers, or on a private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google). Functionize runs on the latest and greatest MicroK8s (fully containerized Kubernetes) for high-availability and auto-scaling.

Multiple deployment options
Single Sign On - Login easily with SSO

Single Sign On

Login easily with SSO

Simplify credential management and support enterprise security by integrating your Functionize account with popular SSO tools. We offer usage-based pricing, which means you can invite an unlimited number of users, reduce administrative overhead and streamline user authentication.

Bulk test management - Easily handle thousands of tests

Bulk Management

Easily handle thousands of tests

We built Functionize for enterprise testing. The more the merrier! Our products are designed for more users and more data. Easily create, edit, execute, and review your tests en masse using bulk management features.

AI testing certification program


Level Up Your AI-Testing Skills

Our customers have access to a full suite of support and training resources including self-guided AI Certification programs. The 3-course Certification program enables customers to upskill their AI testing capabilities.

24x7 Live Support

Our innovative tech is complemented by great 24/7 global support.

Enterprise accounts have a dedicated CSM to ensure uninterrupted service.

NIST security framework


We take it seriously

We take a secure-by-design approach overseen by a dedicated team, offer secure connections via web socket tunnels, and follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

We are AICPA SOC2 certified and we perform regular internal and third-party penetration tests.


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