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Today’s speed of change demands a new way of testing. Empower your teams to build smart tests that don’t break and can scale in the cloud.
Functionize is a AI-First company

We built an AI-First company

by turning testing into a data science problem

Empower your team with no code testing

Empower your existing teams

with no-code intelligent tests

Accelerate release times and digital transformation

Revolutionize your testing

accelerate release times and digital transformation

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Lightning Fast Creation

Rapidly create AI powered tests using the smart agent (Architect) or convert steps written in plain-text English into automation using Natural Language Processing

Test Creation

AI Assisted Maintenance

Stop wasting time fixing broken tests. Functionize dynamically updates your tests using machine learning to keep up with UI changes. Quickly diagnose test failures with one-click SmartFix suggestions.

Test Maintenance

Adaptive Execution at Scale

Eliminate test infrastructure. Run as many tests as often as needed across all major browsers at scale using Functionize’s Test Cloud.

Test Cloud

Integrate with your tools

With Functionize, I spend almost no time manually maintaining our test suites.

Non-engineer nor QA background, Sytrue

Before Functionize, our Quality Engineers had to rely on our DevOps and backend engineers to perform their work. Now with Functionize, they can not only serve more engineers and cover more parts of the product, but they can also perform their job without the help of other teams.

Vicente Goetten
Executive Director, TOTVS labs

One day we had restyled a page pretty drastically. The head of QA came to me and said she couldn’t believe it!
None of the tests had failed.

Todd Erickson
Director of Technology, Agvance