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Automated 70+ use cases in 2 weeks.

Test coverage improved from ad hoc manual coverage to 100% daily.

Resolved 10+ hidden defects and brought down the test cycle from 2 days to 1 day.

GE Healthcare reduced 40 hours of testing time to just 4 hours, achieving 90% labor savings.

"Working with Functionize has really transformed our QA practice at Kognitiv. We went from cringing when UI or code changes were done because of cumbersome and time-consuming processes to welcoming them due to the flexibility and mature self-healing logic that is built into the platform."
- Duncan Anderson, VP of Quality Assurance, Kognitiv

Case Study


  • Monthly release cycle could not keep pace with business demands
  • Maintenance of existing automation was too cumbersome, creating lasting dependency on manual testing


  • 70% shorter testing cycles. 2000+ end-to-end tests automated of which 500+ were created by business users
  • Quality Engineers are empowered to contribute to test automation

The Functionize Advantage

Most sophisticated ML architecture to achieve testing at scale

The Data & Architecture
You Need to Succeed

Our advanced ML models and billions of test data points drive the industry's most powerful AI quality solutions.

AI Empowers People

AI That Empowers
Your People

The synergy of AI and humans yields massive productivity gains for better business outcomes.

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