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Rapid test creation
with advanced machine learning

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AI-Powered Testing for Agile Teams

Dramatically reduce time to market – slash the time taken for test creation, maintenance, and analysis. No more maintaining test infrastructure. Seamless CI/CD integration.

Simplicity in test creation - human friendly testing

in Creation

Quickly and easily build test by walking the test steps using our Architect utility or typing steps in plain English which our ML converts to automation.

  • AI Test Modeler Creation
  • ALP – Natural Language Test Creation
Scalability in Execution

in Execution

Our cloud based testing allows you to run as many tests as you need, as often as you need across all major browsers and for multiple data scenarios. No infrastructure limitations or added costs.

  • Improve Test Coverage
  • Elastic Cloud Infrastructure
  • Eliminate Maintenance
Efficient debugging, root cause anomaly detection, visual analysis

in Debugging

Our ML learns your application, quickly diagnosing test failures across a number of different dimensions ranging from visual and temporal anomaly to full root cause analysis.

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Temporal Anomaly Detection
  • Visual Anomaly Detection
ML test maintenance

in Maintaining

No more tedious test maintenance work. Our ML recognizes changes in the UI or underlying code and dynamically updates selectors in your tests as necessary.

  • Application Meta-Modeling
  • Statistical Models
  • Visual Template Recognition

Runs on every major browser

Browser compatibility

Trusted by Customers World Wide

Seamless Integrations with

Enterprise Scale and Security


SOC 2 Audit Certification

White Hat

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

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Functionize is designed with all levels of testers in mind. We simplify test creation while providing rich features to tune tests for your most complex scenarios. Running in our test cloud gives you elastic scale to handle continuous testing in your CI/CD pipeline or large regression suites. Meanwhile the deep machine learning engine is modeling your applications and dynamically updating your tests as your UI changes; saving you the aggravation of constant maintenance.

For more information, read our blog, follow us @functionize or email us to learn how you can get started today with Functionize Intelligent Testing.

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