Legacy testing exposes your business to incalculable risk. Functionize’s AI removes test churn, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of testers. Turn testing into a competitive advantage when it matters, accelerating and nailing your GTM.


AI-Powered Regression Tests for Agile Teams

Dramatically reduce time to market – slash the time taken for test creation, maintenance, and analysis. No more maintaining test infrastructure. Seamless CI/CD integration.

Quality is in our DNA

We will become the shield and protector for your reputation

Testing is strategic thinking

Drive revenue by the intelligent application of artificial intelligence

Automation that just works

Effortlessly enable agile DevOps and Shift Right testing

Autonomous testing

Empower your CI/CD with intelligent test integrations

Runs on every major browser

Spend time on your product,
not on maintenance!

improvement in productivity

faster test creation

Trusted by Customers World Wide

Seamless Integrations with

Enterprise Scale and Security

SOC 2 Audit Certification

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

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The Functionize platform is powered by our Adaptive Event Analytics™ technology which incorporates self-learning algorithms and machine learning in a cloud-based solution.

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