Intelligent Automation
for Zephyr Squad

Accelerate automation for Zephyr Squad and maximize traceability for Functionize tests.

Reach higher goals for automation coverage

Automate tests without the need for code

Quickly create automated tests using Architect and link them to your Zephyr Squad tests for visibility

Future-proof your tests with machine learning

Tests dynamically heal with machine learning

Tests self heal as they continue to run against your evolving application

Automation results that everyone can understand

Maximize transparency with easy to understand results

Rich testing evidence makes it easier to diagnose issues and fix bugs — no scripting knowledge required

Zephyr Squad Integration Demo Video

Why Functionize

The more the merrier! That’s what we believe about including your team in quality. Functionize tests promote collaboration. They’re easy to understand and any`one from Zephyr Squad can click into Functionize to view detailed results. We believe that when more people can understand what is automated and can view execution results, you can have crucial conversations about quality, earlier in the process. Your team can achieve higher quality faster and be more strategic in planning for quality through visibility.

Benefits of using Functionize + Zephyr Squad

Eliminate bottlenecks in test creation

Quickly build automated tests using our intelligent recorder, Architect. Our machine learning engine learns from your data and gets smarter with each execution.

Architect - Create smart tests rapidly, powered by machine learning

Maintain tests using machine learning

Worried about test maintenance? Machine learning has your back. Tests self heal as they adapt to changes in your application. Failures are easy to diagnose with visual debugging features.

Verify action with ML tag

Showcase automation results in Zephyr Squad

Increase visibility as you automate your tests. Keep everyone up to date with the progress of your automation coverage. Report your automated and manual results from a single place.

How does the integration work?

Here’s how this works. Simply link your Zephyr Squad test from the related Functionize test. As you execute your Functionize orchestration, the results will be visible from the Zephyr Squad test. As an added benefit, you can easily jump from Zephyr Squad to Functionize (and vice versa) using clickable links for related tests. Plus, Zephyr Squad fields are visible in Functionize for easier management.

Once you’re in Functionize, the test details are easy to understand, with screenshots for each step. We provide countless data points to help you diagnose failures, including the DOM, CSS, timing, performance, and network traffic. Functionize integrates with both Zephyr Squad Cloud and Zephyr Squad Server.

Unlimited licenses, maximum visibility

You don’t need a Functionize license in order to view the details in Functionize. Since Functionize subscriptions are based on the number of test executions, you can allow anyone from your team to access the results in Functionize without the need for a license.

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AI-Powered Testing

Functionize is the industry’s most advanced enterprise AI-powered testing. We help teams break through testing barriers and enable organizations to release faster.

Learn how Functionize intelligent testing platform can help you:

  • Create AI-powered tests using Architect or plain English via natural language processing
  • Reduce test maintenance time by 85% with self-healing tests
  • Scale test execution and run cross-browser tests in parallel