Visual Testing

Seamlessly integrate visual verifications into your automated tests.

Visual Testing

Pixel-Perfect User Experiences

Computer vision and machine learning ensure every pixel is exactly where it should be.

Adaptive Visual

AI recognizes and adjusts for minor variations that occur from browser to browser to ensure a flawless UI.

Intelligent Baseline Management

Experience the next level of precision with robust full-page and element-based testing.

Visual Verifications

Highlighting What Matters

Intelligent Visual Comparison

Visual testing - screenshot comparison of test runs

Visual Comparison

Functionize records & compares screenshots on every step to highlight any discrepancies. Visual comparison uses intelligence to ignore minor rendering issues.

visual testing: visualize timing to reflect real user experience

Visual Completion

Fully model the timing thresholds of every aspect of real user experiences. See the results in a detailed waterfall displaying the load time for each element.

visual testing: confirm that each element is actually loaded with screenshots of each and every state

Visual Confirmation

After modeling new tests you are able to visually inspect each step to verify the test is correct. Effectively, we make testing accessible to your entire team.

Clearer Insights, Better Results

Functionize Visual Testing Benefits

Test the whole UI

Any test can include visual checks

No need to create separate visual tests. Our approach integrates both machine learning and computer vision to verify every part of the UI. This allows you to detect even the most granular changes to your UI.

Understand how users see your UI

Understand how users see your UI

Most test automation systems pay no attention to the usability of your application. They just care about whether the end result is correct or not. We look at how long it actually takes before your page is active for a user. This is essential for monitoring usability and performance.

Detailed breakdowns for every page view

Fast execution of visual verifications

Other visual verification tools are slow and cumbersome to run. Our computer vision technology is lightning-fast, so you can see the results of visual checks in seconds, not minutes!

Simple, clear display of results

Simple, clear display of results

We use a screenshots-based approach to streamline test analysis. We allow you to view before and after shots of every test step, as well as looking at historical runs. Any discrepancies are highlighted on the screen for you.

Democratize testing

Democratize testing

Our approach is designed to open up test analysis to your entire team. Visual testing democratizes the whole testing process. Now everyone in your team can contribute to testing.

Computer Vision AI

More than a pixel-by-pixel comparison. Functionize generates a visual model of your application using data that is collected during test creation. We compare subsequent test runs against this baseline to identify any test failures or anomalies. You can visually compare elements or full pages within your application. Adjust the tolerance level to allow more or less room for variability in future runs, or reset your baseline as needed if expectations for that element or page change.

Architect - Computer Vision Validation on test creation

Visual Verification of Elements

Eliminate visual test failures quickly & easily. Measure visual completion of each page versus only the DOM to better understand when users can fully interact with your product.

Before and After comparisons: Seeing is believing! We make it easy to know what changed compared to previous runs, for every test step. Slide the viewer to see how your application changed over time. You can visually compare the Baseline, Current Run, Previous Successful Run, and At Test Creation.

Visual Verification of Full Pages

We leverage true color, no compression screenshots. Vastly reduce visual-based test failures, regardless of the complexity or density of the page. Functionize collects hundreds of attributes per element to maximize element accuracy and make xpath/element ID selector-based failures a thing of the past.

Testing Files Visually

Employing advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques, Functionize ensures your tests are robust and sensitive just to the right degree, eradicating flaky results. We understand that many QA teams need to validate files generated by their applications. With our Architect’s File Viewer tool, you can upload or directly input your document. Your file is displayed as HTML within the browser, enabling you to track actions on the file as you would on any web page. This intelligent blend of technology ensures your tests are precise, reliable, and less prone to errors. All common file formats are supported.

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • XLSX
File testing automation - simply upload a PDF or HTML to visually test it!

Download Datasheet

Download our datasheet to discover why Functionize is the #1 Enterprise AI-powered testing platform. In our datasheet, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Advanced Deep Learning: Learn about our industry-leading ML models that offer unmatched accuracy and adaptability in QA testing.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: Explore our all-in-one platform that supports a wide range of testing needs, from APIs to email, across multiple environments.
  • Autonomous Operations: Understand how our platform’s autonomous test creation and self-healing capabilities reduce manual effort and enhance test coverage.
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Learn how our cloud-based testing infrastructure allows you to perform tests at scale, efficiently, and cost-effectively.