Salesforce Testing

Lightning-fast AI to accelerate your Salesforce testing

Simplify your Salesforce and web testing with AI-powered no-code automation that is easy for all teams across your business
Rapidly build your end-to-end automation suite

Rapidly build your end-to-end automation suite

Validate your customizations and integrations with 3rd party apps to ensure they don’t break with future releases. Scale and drive your automation via CI/CD integrations.

Incorporate role-based testing and test data

Incorporate role-based testing and test data

Ensure that your test data is consistent across integration testing and check that user permissions match your business use cases. Functionize offers native test data generation and TDM.

Transition to Salesforce Lightning

Transition to Salesforce Lightning

Simplify your transition by automating your tests. Create tests in minutes using Architect or use NLP to automate manual tests written in plain English.

Transform Your Salesforce Testing Approach with Advanced AI Capabilities

From testing custom integrations or transitioning to Lightning, Functionize’s intelligent testing platform offers lightning-fast AI to boost your Salesforce testing strategy.

Use Functionize Cloud to test Salesforce
Self-healing Tests

Self-healing Tests

Salesforce’s dynamic objects and iframes normally break traditional scripted tests. Functionize tests use machine learning to self-heal, reducing test maintenance time by 85%.

Cloud-based Execution

Cloud-based Execution

Run your tests across browsers and operating systems using Functionize’s Test Cloud. Reduce your overhead costs with a built-in test cloud infrastructure.

Integrate with CI/CD pipelines

Integrate with CI/CD

Orchestrate your testing suite by running tests alongside your existing CI/CD pipeline. Use built-in integrations to send test failures to Slack, Jira, or PagerDuty.

Salesforce Appexchange integrations

Test for compatibility of unlimited 3rd party integrations and customizations

Salesforce has endless customizations and an extensive network of 3rd party integrations. It’s not uncommon for a single Salesforce platform to have over 50 apps connected. This is a nightmare for traditional scripted test automation like Selenium. Use Functionize to cover a multitude of different tests, including end-to-end scenarios with any number of 3rd party integrations:

  • Web and Mobile Web UI testing
  • API testing
  • Business process validation including ERP and point-of-sale apps
  • Database testing
  • Text / Two Factor Authentication testing
  • Word, PDF, Excel validation

If your business depends on integrations from the AppExchange, ensure that your apps are compatible with every new release of Salesforce and your 3rd party apps.

Rich features to test real world scenarios

  • Cover real-world scenarios in your Salesforce tests. Incorporate role-based testing by using Functionize’s advanced verifications. Save time by leveraging reusable steps that can easily be repeated across multiple tests.
  • Data integrity is crucial, especially to check for consistency in reports and dashboards. Functionize makes data validation easy with native test data generation and TDM functionality.
  • Salesforce’s dynamic elements and iframes can be challenging to test, as elements on the page are not loaded at once. Instead of being hard-coded, Functionize tests have intelligent waits which dynamically learn how long to wait for each element to load.
  • Scale your tests and test for cross-browser compatibility. You can make sure that each page renders properly across all of your user’s browsers, including mobile Chrome and Safari.
Tests are best written by subject matter experts

Business experts can be automation experts

Tests are best written by subject matter experts — the internal Salesforce users who are experts in Sales, Marketing, Finance, or Customer Success. But such business experts rarely have the coding skills or time needed to use scripted tools like Selenium.

Break down barriers to testing and encourage your business experts to participate in creating tests. Tests can be created using plain English via NLP, or using Architect, our smart recorder — no coding required.

Once your automated regression suite is created, you can run it before every release to make sure everything is working. The Functionize Test Cloud has data centers located throughout the world, so you can easily rerun your tests across geographies to mimic the experience of your Salesforce users.

Salesforce Datasheet

AI-Powered Testing

Read the data sheet to learn more about using Functionize to solve your Salesforce testing needs.

Learn how Functionize intelligent testing platform can help you:

  • Create AI-powered tests using Architect or plain English via natural language processing
  • Reduce test maintenance time by 85% with self-healing tests
  • Scale test execution and run cross-browser tests in parallel