Performance Metrics

Functional testing with performance insights

Analyze Metrics

Analyze Metrics

Once a functional test is executed, Functionize automatically provides performance insights

Generate Real Traffic

Drill into Details

Each page and action shows the duration to load, so you can pinpoint problem areas

Improve User Experience - real world data

Improve User Experience

Performance data reflects what your real world users see, wherever they are globally

Ensure best-in-class performance

Customers expect modern applications to be lightning-fast. Functionize helps you spot problem areas before they impact your users.

Simplicity in test creation - human friendly testing

Functionize leverages complex and realistic workflows versus simple single page loads.

Simplicity in test creation - human friendly testing

Real time insights from detailed performance analysis allow you to spot trends and patterns.

Simplicity in test creation - human friendly testing

State-of-the-art visual rendering of your app per screen.

Verify the durability of your different environments

Performance Metric Table

Extensive performance insights without scripting

Precise performance metrics, including DNS lookup, DOM Interactive, and page load speed in addition to a proprietary new performance metric called Visual Completion.

Performance Metric Table

Functionize Analytics

Quick Project Overview

Stay on top of your testing coverage

Segment reports by browser, device, and environment. Reports are easily shareable via email or links.

Functionize Analytics: Quick Project Overview report

Test Case Activity

Straightforward KPI test reporting

Fully model the timing Track the historical activity and results of your test cases over time.of every aspect of a real user experience.

Functionize Analytics: Test Case Activity report

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AI-Powered Testing

Functionize is the industry’s most advanced enterprise AI-powered testing. We help teams break through testing barriers and enable organizations to release faster.

Learn how Functionize intelligent testing platform can help you:

  • Create AI-powered tests using Architect or plain English via natural language processing
  • Reduce test maintenance time by 85% with self-healing tests
  • Scale test execution and run cross-browser tests in parallel