You build great products, we take care of the tests

Functionize all-inclusive ecosystem is fully web-based and seamlessly integrates into your DevOps tools

Machine learning based tests use Big Data to dynamically keep up with change

ML Data-collection

Each test step collects 400 attributes for every element on the page for every execution:

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Test Management, Defect tracking, Chat ops, Alert tools
Functionize and CircleCI Functionize and Slack Functionize and Pager Duty Functionize and TestRail Functionize and Jenkins Functionize and Bamboo Functionize and GitLab

Traceability & Observability

Smart creation


Create smart tests rapidly, powered by machine learning

Creating tests is as simple as navigating through your site. Architect uses advanced machine learning to understand the intent behind each test. It records millions of data points each time a test executes and constantly learns as your site evolves. Make test maintenance and brittle tests a thing of the past.

Architect - Create smart tests rapidly, powered by machine learning

Natural Language Processing

Create smart tests from existing tests in plain English

Automating your existing manual tests in bulk is easy using natural language processing. Migrate existing test cases directly into our product. Our NLP test creation parses them into AI-powered tests. Say goodbye to fixing broken tests as these tests heal on their own.

Autonomous Test Creation with testGPT

Create realistic tests based on real user behavior and test data

Our Engine can generate automatic tests - It gets the real user journeys, streams them and fine-tunes a large transformer base model to the given target application.

It learns all the specific correlations, types of data inputs etc. to predict the likely next steps in a given probability distribution range.

The results are meaningful tests - just like the text from popular GPT models.

Intuitive Management

Simple organization

Stay in complete control of your smart tests

Our rich dashboard gives you control over all your smart tests. See the live status of every test. Organize tests into folders. Drill down to see details and per-test settings. Copy test steps from one test to another. Create rich orchestrations, define test plans, and manage bulk actions.

Streamlined orchestrations

Automate and streamline your test plans

Smart tests aren’t the only requirement for test automation. Our orchestrations let you create and run complex test suites. Need to run regular smoke tests? Want to repeat a set of tests across multiple projects and environments? Or a complex set of data-driven tests? Just create and run a new orchestration. Then check the results in the orchestrations dashboard, just like you would for an individual test.

Low Maintenance


Tests that evolve with your application

Functionize’s testing system continuously learns your application. Millions of data points are recorded for every test run. If our system detects a change in your UI or site code, it simply updates its model and notifies you what changed.

Smart Screenshots

Update tests through screenshots

Provide reinforcement learning to our ML engine and teach it what element you want to select. Add steps to tests through screenshots, without going to the site under test.

Our Smart Screenshot approach is the fastest possible way to update test cases. Simply select the correct fix and tell the system exactly what to add or change.

Simple Test Updates

Built-in tools make it easy to customize and update your tests

Testing is a dynamic process. Our tools make it easy for you to customize and refine your tests after they were created. See the anatomy of your test, step-by-step. Diagnose the underlying cause of any test failure. Suppress or add steps with live test case editing. Edit specific test attributes with our built-in attribute editor. Definite custom selectors and more.

Scale in the Cloud

Functionize Test Cloud

Smart testing at an unrivaled scale

The Functionize Test Cloud gives you the ability to run your smart tests at an impressive scale. We build on top of Google Cloud, ensuring we can offer clear benefits: Scale to run thousands of tests in parallel; Run tests from locations around the globe; High availability ensures you can execute tests whenever you need.

Cross browser testing at scale - Functionize Test Cloud

Data-driven testing

Run thousands of test scenarios using data to drive the tests

Internationalization and localization are vital in our connected world. But how do you run all your tests across a matrix of hundreds of languages and regional variations? With Functionize, this is easy. Our smart data-driven testing allows you to run thousands of different scenarios with different data. You can even test from different locations to verify localization details.

Rich Integrations

Native Integrations

Easily integrate your existing apps

Increase transparency with your team and fuel your SDLC process with intelligent tests. Our native integrations offer multiple ways to trigger executions from CI tools like Jenkins or Azure DevOps. You can also pass in execution results when creating defects into tools like Jira. With native integrations, it’s easy to connect.


Customize your tests to interact with external tools

Build and reuse code snippets to trigger actions in another tool or generate test data on-the-fly. You can design custom behaviors with pre- or post-actions that can be configured on a per-test basis, or before or after an individual step.


Build custom integrations with rich APIs

The Functionize REST API allows you to perform core features from outside the UI. Extend the productivity of your team by triggering executions from another tool or sharing results into another dashboard. Our interactive API documentation shows you how to easily build custom integrations.

Enterprise Capabilities

Multiple Deployment Options

Select from Cloud, OnPremise, or Private Cloud

We offer multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs. We can host it for you in the cloud. Or, you can choose to deploy on your local servers or private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google). Functionize runs on the latest and greatest MicroK8s (fully containerized Kubernetes) for high-availability and auto-scaling.

Single Sign On - Login easily with SSO

Single Sign On

Login easily with SSO

Functionize offer usage-based pricing, which means you can invite an unlimited number of users. Reduce administrative overhead and streamline user authentication. Simplify credential management and ensure enterprise security by integrating your Functionize account with popular SSO tools.

Bulk test management - Easily handle thousands of tests

Bulk Management

Easily handle thousands of tests

We built Functionize for enterprise testing. The more the merrier! Our products are designed for more users and data. Easily create, edit, execute, and review your tests en masse using bulk management features.

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AI-Powered Testing

Functionize is the industry’s most advanced enterprise AI-powered testing. We help teams break through testing barriers and enable organizations to release faster.

Learn how Functionize intelligent testing platform can help you:

  • Create AI-powered tests using Architect or plain English via natural language processing
  • Reduce test maintenance time by 85% with self-healing tests
  • Scale test execution and run cross-browser tests in parallel