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Agile testing cloud environment drives cost reduction with Generative AI

Functionize is an all-in-one Enterprise quality platform that
accelerates software innovation through the power of AI.

Machine learning-based tests use big data to understand website updates and self-heal tests

ML Data-collection

Each test step collects hundreds or thousands of attributes on the page for every execution:

    Code & CSS
    Pre-Post States
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Test Management, Defect tracking, Chat ops, Alert tools
Functionize and CircleCI Functionize and Slack Functionize and Pager Duty Functionize and TestRail Functionize and Jenkins Functionize and Bamboo Functionize and GitLab

Traceability & Observability

Cutting-Edge Test Creation

Supercharge test creation with 2 innovative methods

Generative Creation

Autonomous test creation
with Gen AI

Develop test plans and cases with real-world user interactions or plain English test prompts. Our specialized, fine-tuned models drive the rapid creation of tests with remarkable efficiency.

Tests created from live visitor data accurately reflect real-world scenarios to ensure end-to-end coverage at unprecedented speed and scale.

testGPT - generate test cases from prompt based on real user journeys


Record & playback powered by machine learning

Creating tests is as simple as navigating through your site. At each step, Architect, our Chrome plugin, collects millions of data points so advanced machine learning models can understand the test's purpose and adapt to site changes, paving the way for no-headache maintenance.

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Architect - Create smart tests rapidly, powered by machine learning

Zero Barrier Test Execution

Cloud Scale

Your scalable quality foundation

The Functionize Test Cloud is your all-in-one unified SaaS platform that eliminates infrastructure overhead and maintenance. Seamlessly integrate functional, visual, and performance testing into a single, cohesive platform - and save costs at the same time!

Test cloud is the only way you can use generative ai on every level and type of testing

Cross Browser

Seamless device compatibility

Effortlessly execute hundreds of tests concurrently across various browsers, ensuring comprehensive test coverage across diverse platforms. Enable your team to address browser-specific issues and dependencies with ease.

Cross browser testing - get maximum coverage


Quality beyond the UI/UX

We bring the most common E2E scenarios to the cloud and offer a suite of web-based tools to test beyond just UI/UX, including databases, Excel sheets, PDF files, APIs, text messages, emails, and more.

End-to-end testing : everything E2E like databases, Excel sheets, PDF files, APIs, text messages, emails, and more.


Visual testing with human-like perception

From full-page screenshots to individual elements, meticulously inspect every aspect of your UI with computer vision. Detect even the tiniest alterations with precision, all without the hassle of creating separate test cases.

Architect - Create smart tests rapidly, powered by machine learning


Every device scenario covered

Emulate mainstream mobile devices with nested virtualization, and eliminate the necessity of sustaining complex, costly device farms.

Emulate any mobile device without costly mobile farm


Cover diverse data-driven scenarios

Simplify your data-driven testing with our Test Data Management (TDM) tool. Efficiently manage test data, create reusable scripts, and boost test coverage while saving time and effort.

Data-driven testing and TDM - load test variables from a data source

Game-changing Maintenance


Auto-generated test case analysis with Gen AI

Quickly identify issues before they make it to production. Functionize’s GenAI-powered analysis of test case data, logic, workflows and visual elements give you the insights you need to succeed.

Generative AI test diagnostics - one press of a button to find the root cause


Effortless test case resolution

Harnessing AI diagnostics, effortlessly choose a resolution path to streamline your test case adjustments. Simply select an option from the diagnostic data, and watch as the system autonomously re-executes the test on your behalf, dramatically enhancing testing accuracy and speed.

Generative AI test diagnostics - one press of a button to find the root cause


Tests that evolve with your application

Using millions of data points that are recorded from every test run, Functionize continuously learns about your application to build more stable tests. If a change in your UI or site code is detected, it simply updates its model, fixes the test and notifies you what changed.

Quick Add

Streamlines adding actions to test cases

Eliminate the need to visit the site under test just to add steps. Functionize automatically captures and saves all essential data for each page element, allowing you to seamlessly update test cases using screenshots from the most recent test execution.

Smart Screenshots

Edit tests with interactive screenshots

Add steps to tests through dynamic screenshots, without going to the site under test.

Our Smart Screenshot approach is the fastest possible way to update test cases. Simply select the correct fix and tell the system exactly what to add or change.

AI Test Editing

Live editing and simplified test updates

Built-in tools make it easy to customize and update your tests. Seamlessly manipulate test cases in real-time by suppressing or adding steps through live editing capabilities. Fine-tune specific test attributes using our intuitive attribute editor and host of additional features for enhanced control.

Intuitive Test Management

Clear & simple organization

Stay in complete control

Our rich dashboard gives you control over all your smart tests. See the live status of every test, organize tests into folders, drill down to see details and per-test settings. Copy test steps from one test to another and create rich orchestrations, define test plans, and manage bulk actions with ease.

Orchestration Power

Scale test suites with cloud-driven parallel execution

Using orchestrations, create and run test suites at scale. Whether it’s regular smoke tests, repeating a set of tests across multiple projects, or a complex set of data-driven tests, orchestrations give you the power and control you need. Easily view results in the orchestrations just like you would individual tests.

Rich Integrations

Native Integrations

Easily integrate your existing apps

Increase transparency with your team and fuel SDLC momentum. Our native integrations offer multiple ways to trigger executions from CI tools like Jenkins or Azure DevOps. You can also pass in execution results when creating defects into tools like Jira.


Customize your tests to interact with external tools

Build and reuse code snippets to trigger actions in another tool or generate test data on-the-fly. You can design custom behaviors with pre- or post-actions that can be configured on a per-test basis, or before or after an individual step.

CICD and custom integrations for each test or even step


Build custom integrations with rich APIs

The Functionize REST API allows you to perform core features from outside the UI. Extend the productivity of your team by triggering executions from another tool or sharing results into another dashboard. Our interactive API documentation shows you how to easily build custom integrations.

Enterprise Capabilities

Multiple Deployment Options

Select from Cloud, On-Premise, or Private Cloud

We offer multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs. Host in the cloud, or deploy on your local servers, or on a private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google). Functionize runs on the latest and greatest MicroK8s (fully containerized Kubernetes) for high-availability and auto-scaling.

Multiple deployment options

Single Sign On

Login easily with SSO

Simplify credential management and support enterprise security by integrating your Functionize account with popular SSO tools. We offer usage-based pricing, which means you can invite an unlimited number of users, reduce administrative overhead and streamline user authentication.

Bulk Management

Easily handle thousands of tests

We built Functionize for enterprise testing. The more the merrier! Our products are designed for more users and more data. Easily create, edit, execute, and review your tests en masse using bulk management features.

AI testing certification program


Level Up Your AI-Testing Skills

Our customers have access to a full suite of support and training resources including self-guided AI Certification programs. The 3-course Certification program enables customers to upskill their AI testing capabilities.

24x7 Live Support

Our innovative tech is complemented by great 24/7 global support.

Enterprise accounts have a dedicated CSM to ensure uninterrupted service.

NIST security framework


We take it seriously

We take a secure-by-design approach overseen by a dedicated team, offer secure connections via web socket tunnels, and follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

We are AICPA SOC2 certified and we perform regular internal and third-party penetration tests.

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