Level Up Your AI-Testing Skills with a

Functionize Certification

  • Future Proof Your Career
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  • Increase Earnings & Employment Opportunities
Available for Functionize Customers

The Functionize Level 1 Certification

is an exclusive, online training program that empowers testers and QA managers to fully embrace the rapid changes in the QA industry.

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As organizations increasingly adopt AI-first testing methodologies to reduce Test Debt and gain a competitive advantage, professionals who can adapt to these changes are more valued than ever.

With the Functionize Level 1 Certification program you will

  • take a deep dive into why AI is the only way to automate at scale
  • learn about the concept of Test Debt and how to reduce it
  • know why test creation is not your primary problem
  • learn how to use a modern testing platform like Functionize can support AI-powered E2E automation.

If your business depends on integrations from the AppExchange, ensure that your apps are compatible with every new release of Salesforce and your 3rd party apps.

Qualified applicants will take a self-paced program in our online training portal, and receive a certificate after successfully completing the program. 

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More advanced testers can move on to our

Level 2 Technical Certifications

which will be released by mid-2022, by invite only.