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One day we had restyled a page pretty drastically. The head of QA came to me and said she couldn’t believe it!
None of the tests had failed.

Todd Erickson
Director of Technology, Agvance

With Functionize, I spend almost no time manually maintaining our test suites.

Business Leader at Sytrue

Before Functionize, our Quality Engineers had to rely on our DevOps and backend engineers to perform their work. Now with Functionize, they can not only serve more engineers and cover more parts of the product, but they can also perform their job without the help of other teams.

Vicente Goetten
Executive Director, TOTVS labs

Functionize offers an easy way for us to test a highly dynamic and complex production site, ensuring that not only the functionality, but the look and feel for our site is world class. We've seen the offering grow and evolve and directly impact our site quality by catching escaped defects in production.

Senior Manager at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I lead a technical team whose focus is not testing - we're a busy group. For me, the biggest benefit is not putting a ton of time into test automation and getting significant value out.

Marketing Technology Leader at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I am so happy my company chose to work with Functionize. I quickly learned a choice to use Functionize is a choice for success.

Enterprise Architect at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has been really attentive to our company needs. Working with representatives has been an absolute pleasure all the way around. They consistently provide great feedback, suggestions for development, assist creating test cases, help reach solutions and optimizations to new and existing tests.

Software Developer at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has a fast learning curve and therefore anyone, right from automation experts to business users can utilise this tool to write effective test cases, thus speeding up the testing cycle of an application. 

Consultant at
$10-30B revenue Services Company

Overall, it has been a great experience for me and the support that I get from the Functionize team is commendable.

Project Engineer at
$10-30B revenue Services Company



Time Saved

From fixing broken tests



6 days to create 100 tests
vs 60 days with Selenium



Increase % automated
from 10% to 50%


Cost Reduction

Eliminate test
infrastructure costs