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Seeing is believing. Discover why Functionize is the most advanced Enterprise AI-powered testing platform.

fast test creation

Accelerate Test Creation: Unleash the speed of Gen AI and Architect – our revolutionary tools for rapid test development.

boost test maintenance

Minimize Maintenance: Leverage the power of big data and the world’s most advanced machine learning models to significantly reduce maintenance needs.

scale up testing efficiency

Efficiently Test at Scale: Extend your tests to every browser and device using the Functionize Test Cloud, minimizing costs and eliminating infrastructure bottlenecks for optimal efficiency.

fast release cycle

Speed Up Your Release Cycle: Embrace faster, scalable releases and elevate your product quality with our transformative solutions

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"Our team automated 70+ use cases in just 2 weeks using Functionize. Test coverage improved from ad hoc manual coverage to 100% daily automated coverage across multiple browser platforms. The more extensive coverage uncovered 10+ hidden defects and brought down the test cycle time from 2 days to 1 day."

Mariana Liberato-Canales, Sr IT Manager

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"Functionize is a genuine partner, who’s tailored the solution to align with our strategic roadmap.”

"The AI-driven platform is now an indispensable asset in our pursuit of delivering high-quality software, enabling us to surpass customer expectations while optimizing resources.”

Shai Srinivasan, IT Manager for Testing

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"We went from cringing when UI or code changes were done because of cumbersome and time-consuming processes to welcoming them due to the flexibility and mature self-healing logic that is built into the platform."

Duncan Anderson, VP of Quality Assurance

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GE Healthcare reduced 40 hours of testing time to just 4 hours, achieving 90% labor savings.

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Time Saved

From fixing broken tests



6 days to create 100 tests
vs 60 days with Selenium



Increase % automated
from 10% to 50%


Cost Reduction

Eliminate test
infrastructure costs