Rapid Test Creation with Advanced Machine Learning

That ensures your tests adapt and maintain accuracy over time.

Generative test recording with biggest user base

AI-assisted Self Heal

Create tests with ML-assisted validations that self-heal

Capture & Replay

Activate our recorder to capture clicks, hovers, data inputs and more

Advanced Scenarios

Interact with external systems from DBs to APIs, Emails and Text Messages

Why Architect?

Existing solutions aren’t good enough

The software testing tools you use today are good — but they don’t go nearly far enough. Professional testers and developers want to spend their time testing software, not wrestling with the tools. Too often, existing tools let you create tests fine, but the maintenance process is excruciating. Tests are brittle, inflexible and hard to update OR they are so “flexible” that testers have to spend more time customizing them than actually running tests.

We can do better.

In fact, we do by focusing on:

  • Ease of use: It just works the way you expect

  • Power: Rich functionality to handle all of your tests, even for the most complex, advanced websites

  • Flexibility: Testers of all skill levels, even developers, will enjoy using Functionize to test their software

  • REAL ML: Our deep machine learning engine makes your team better and is fully transparent to the user. No black box or hand-waving – just actual ML that makes your job easier

Architect features

Advanced Features

Architect advanced features: API calls, verify Databases, log into Emails, Validate text Messages

Create tests that make API calls, verify Databases, log into Emails, Validate text Messages, and much more!

Dynamic Test Editing


Build and store custom, reusable code that you can tie to pre and post conditions in your tests

Custom Javascript

Architect Custom JavaScript - Create advanced validations using custom assertions with javascript

Create advanced validations using custom assertions with javascript

Advanced Attribute Editor

Access underlying DOM and CSS data to customize attribute values in selectors

Download Datasheet

Download our datasheet to discover why Functionize is the #1 Enterprise AI-powered testing platform. In our datasheet, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Advanced Deep Learning: Learn about our industry-leading ML models that offer unmatched accuracy and adaptability in QA testing.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: Explore our all-in-one platform that supports a wide range of testing needs, from APIs to email, across multiple environments.
  • Autonomous Operations: Understand how our platform’s autonomous test creation and self-healing capabilities reduce manual effort and enhance test coverage.
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Learn how our cloud-based testing infrastructure allows you to perform tests at scale, efficiently, and cost-effectively.