Autonomous Testing with testGPT

Leverage the power of AI to generate test cases from user behavior automatically.

testGPT is a new predictive machine learning model that analyzes real user journeys to generate test cases automatically.

This innovation significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of application testing, providing a more reliable solution for developers and testers to ensure the quality of their applications.

Create tests in minutes

New State-of-the-art
Predictive Model

based on real user journeys

Write Tests in plain English with NLP

User Journeys
Drives Representation

of your application usage

Complete test coverage

Large GPT
Deep Learning Model

can generate relevant test cases

Key Advantages

Human first testing

Real-world Test

testGPT learns from user behavior & interactions on a website. It analyzes user searches, queries, form interactions and more to generate test cases that accurately reflect real-world scenarios.

Open up testing to your team

Predictive Modeling of Application Functionality

Generated test cases are then used to validate the website's functionality & performance, providing valuable insights into any issues or areas for improvement.

Save test engineer time

Increased Coverage & Efficiency

The testing process is streamlined, saving time and resources while also providing a more comprehensive understanding of website functionality, performance and user behavior.

How it works

1. Install script

A small js script snippet is installed on the application to start streaming data.

2. Ingest data

This data is used to build an application-specific fine-tuned model.

3. Build model

Test cases encode user journeys (like text encodes knowledge).

4. Generate tests

Those journeys can be represented in datasets and generated from the model.

Computer Vision Validation

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