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with Big Data, Machine Learning,
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Drive innovation by empowering your teams with E2E tests that self-heal and run at-scale in the cloud. Speed up development, lower costs, and improve quality in CI/CD environments.
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Functionize is proud to be recognized in the OnShore Technology White Paper

A Technical Practitioner’s Guide To Eliminating Test Debt With AI

Functionize is a AI-First company

Test Faster in Less Time

Accelerate releases and regain time for higher value tasks

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Empower teams & Future-proof skills

with low-code intelligent tests

Infinity devops cycle - increase automation

Reduce overall QA Stress

Increase automation output by reducing test debt

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Top Recognition from the Community

One day we had restyled a page pretty drastically. The head of QA came to me and said she couldn’t believe it!
None of the tests had failed.

Todd Erickson
Director of Technology, Agvance

With Functionize, I spend almost no time manually maintaining our test suites.

Business Leader at Sytrue

Before Functionize, our Quality Engineers had to rely on our DevOps and backend engineers to perform their work. Now with Functionize, they can not only serve more engineers and cover more parts of the product, but they can also perform their job without the help of other teams.

Vicente Goetten
Executive Director, TOTVS labs

Functionize offers an easy way for us to test a highly dynamic and complex production site, ensuring that not only the functionality, but the look and feel for our site is world class. We've seen the offering grow and evolve and directly impact our site quality by catching escaped defects in production.

Senior Manager at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I lead a technical team whose focus is not testing - we're a busy group. For me, the biggest benefit is not putting a ton of time into test automation and getting significant value out.

Marketing Technology Leader at
$30B+ revenue Services Company

I am so happy my company chose to work with Functionize. I quickly learned a choice to use Functionize is a choice for success.

Enterprise Architect at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has been really attentive to our company needs. Working with representatives has been an absolute pleasure all the way around. They consistently provide great feedback, suggestions for development, assist creating test cases, help reach solutions and optimizations to new and existing tests.

Software Developer at
$30B+ revenue Retail Company

Functionize has a fast learning curve and therefore anyone, right from automation experts to business users can utilise this tool to write effective test cases, thus speeding up the testing cycle of an application. 

Consultant at
$10-30B revenue Services Company

Overall, it has been a great experience for me and the support that I get from the Functionize team is commendable.

Project Engineer at
$10-30B revenue Services Company

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Introducing the Functionize Intelligent Testing Platform

Functionize Helps Testers
Find Peace & Fight Test Debt

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Supporting All Enterprise Stakeholders


Innovate faster

Speed up testing with AI - release faster
  • Speed up releases and increase the value from existing teams.
  • Quality enables digital transformation. Gain competitive advantage by delivering innovative projects faster with fewer escaped defects.
  • Maximize ROI and reduce the overall cost of testing while gaining virtual headcount. Functionize allows each tester to do the work of multiple people using machine learning.


Maximize team efficiency

Maximize team efficiency with easy-to-use testing tool
  • People are your most valuable asset. Ensure that your teams are focused on the right activities. Protect your teams against QA churn with a testing platform they will love.
  • Level the playing field so that more people can participate in the testing process, regardless of their ability to code. Integrate with your existing DevOps ecosystem for continuous testing.
  • Kill test debt before it becomes untameable — ensure that time is wisely invested into test automation with robust tests that you can trust.

Manual Testers

Test more in less time

Scale more in less time with cloud testing
  • Overcome barriers to automation with tests that can be created without code, run at-scale in the cloud, with easy-to-understand test results.
  • Maximize your testing expertise and future-proof your career with innovative AI-powered testing.
  • Reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being by testing more in less time.

Test Engineers

Free up from grunt work

Free up from grunt work - focus on higher value activities
  • Speed up test creation and maintenance with automated tests that break less often due to machine learning.
  • Reduce the noise when reviewing test evidence. With fewer test failures, you can trust test your results, so you can easily spot bugs and show developers what’s broken.
  • Free up your time so you can focus on higher value activities that help your increase test coverage, like automating even more tests!

Lightning Fast Creation

Rapidly create AI powered tests using the smart agent (Architect) or convert steps written in plain-text English into automation using Natural Language Processing

AI Assisted Maintenance

Stop wasting time fixing broken tests. Functionize dynamically updates your tests using machine learning to keep up with UI changes. Quickly diagnose test failures with one-click SmartFix suggestions.

Fast Debugging
& Easy Edits

Quickly diagnose failures with screenshot comparisons and and easy to understand errors. Interact with your test while it runs live on the VM using breakpoints with Live Debug. Update your tests using Smart Screenshots and apply one-click SmartFix suggestions.

Adaptive Execution at Scale

Eliminate test infrastructure. Run as many tests as often as needed across all major browsers at scale using Functionize’s Test Cloud.

Visual Testing Powered by AI

Infuse computer vision into your tests to visually verify specific elements or full pages to quickly spot changes. Test the way a human would and compare images against previous runs.

Salesforce testing
powered by AI

A smarter way to test Salesforce and other applications - no code required

Integrate with your tools

Increase collaboration and connect with your existing tools. Track your automated and manual results from central dashboards in TestRail. Enable continuous testing: orchestrate your tests and trigger pre or post actions in external tools using custom extensions.


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