The benefits of AEA™

Unique fingerprints for elements

Unique fingerprints for elements

AEA™ builds a detailed fingerprint for every element in your UI. This allows it to identify elements even if they are moved, restyled, and renamed. This makes it even more powerful than a human tester.

Deep knowledge of your UI

Deep knowledge of your UI

AEA™ creates complex composite models of your UI. This allows it to understand what each element actually does, not just what it is.

Self-healing tests

Self-healing tests

Test maintenance is a real time-sink for QA engineers. But AEA™ enables self-healing tests because it knows how your UI is really working.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

One of the most advanced features of AEA™ is its ability to track back to the actual cause of a test failure. This is especially critical in complex systems where data changes and external factors can trigger test failures.

Finding solutions, one click update

Finding solutions

Identifying a failure is only half of the problem. AEA™ also uses its knowledge of your previous test runs and test procedures to try out fixes. It assesses the most likely and presents this to you for approval in a 1-click update.

We view AEA™ as the brains behind our intelligent test agent.

With AEA™, our data scientists are pushing the state of the art for intelligent test automation. The important distinguishing factor is that it combines different forms of machine learning with computer vision, template recognition, and natural language processing. This approach of using boosting and other advanced techniques sets AEA™ apart. Importantly, AEA™ is not a static system. It is constantly evolving and learning. It operates at three levels. At the individual test level, it learns each time the test proceeds and updates its understanding of the aims of that test. At the system level, it builds an ever more complete model of your whole application. Globally, it learns how UIs in general work, effectively becoming an expert in best-practice UI/UX design.

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Functionize is designed with all levels of testers in mind. We simplify test creation while providing rich features to tune tests for your most complex scenarios. Running in our test cloud gives you elastic scale to handle continuous testing in your CI/CD pipeline or large regression suites. Meanwhile the deep machine learning engine is modeling your applications and dynamically updating your tests as your UI changes; saving you the aggravation of constant maintenance.

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