Continuous Quality for Everyone

Functionize allows anyone to be guardians of quality once your application is live.

Proactive monitoring - Establish Peace of Mind

Proactive Monitoring

Establish Peace of Mind That Your Site is Fully Functional

Minimize Revenue Loss and Optimize Conversion Rates

Future-Proof Your Site

Minimize Revenue Loss and Increase Conversion Rates

Find Issues Before Your Customers Do

Alerts on Web Performance

Find Issues Before Your Customers Do

How Functionize helps you protect revenue

Functionize is designed so anyone can ensure the quality of their site. Marketing, sales, and operations teams use Functionize to proactively monitor their application and optimize their customer experience.

Functionize brings you closer to the customer experience and helps answer questions like

customer experience questions examples

Automatically check your site is working — no code required

  • AI / ML proactively monitors your application and analyzes performance history trends
  • Set it and forget it — schedule recurring checks and be notified if there are issues
  • Increase visibility into what’s working and what isn’t with clear screenshots

Speed up your feedback loop — find issues before they affect your customers

  • Nip bigger problems in the bud — Minimize potential revenue loss. Optimize conversion rates. Lower bounce rates.
  • Results are easy to understand, so you can quickly find what needs to be fixed.
  • Share results, screenshots, and errors with your technical teams to fix issues quickly.

Leverage AI/ML to keep up with changes in your site

  • Applications are constantly evolving. Protect your users’ experience.
  • Traditional automation tools require nonstop support from developers. The slightest change in your application triggers mayhem.
  • Functionize tests self heal using machine learning, so you can minimize maintenance.
discover how users engage with your site
Monitor what truly matters based on how users engage with your site 

Monitor what truly matters based on how users engage with your site 

  • Track real user behavior and improve quality for your most visited pages.
  • Prioritize your monitoring efforts on the application areas that matter most for your business.
  • Don’t let customers fall through the cracks - uncover user flows that you have not considered.

Diagnose and fix issues faster

  • Minimize back-and-forth communication searching for bugs and logs to reproduce errors.
  • Results make it easy to reproduce issues with detailed error analysis.
  • Integrate with Jira and other DevOps tools to quickly log what needs to be fixed.
discover how users engage with your site

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