Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Easily test against all major browsers

IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and more.

Stop using 3rd party providers to fix your cross-browser automation.

Third Party Testing Tools
Third party cross browser tools lead to a bulky infrastructure, and make integration difficult.
Cross Browser Execution
Functionize allows you to test across all major desktop and mobile browsers. Simply choose a browser and execute.
Cross Browser Automation

Pass Your Tests in All Browsers

Browser Updates that Won’t Break Automation.

The problem with browser automation today is you have to recode/debug the same tests across different browsers.

AI Testing Engine
Functionize’s AI never rests and works tirelessly to heal any algorithmic, selenium, or browser-based compatibility issues up front.
Run Multiple Tests at Once
Vastly reduce visual-based test failures, regardless of the complexity or density of the page.