Easily test against all major browsers

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and more.

No need for 3rd party providers to fix your cross-browser automation.

Cross browser testing
No third party

Third party tools lead to a bulky infrastructure, and make integration difficult. With Functionize you get cross-browser testing included.

Multi browser test

Test across all major desktop and mobile browsers. Simply choose a browser and execute. Test against multiple browsers in parallel thanks to the Functionize Test Cloud.

Resume Tests in All Browsers

Create one test and use it for any browser.

The problem with most cross-browser tools today is the need to recode/debug your tests for every browser.

Cross browser testing
Self healing

Functionize’s AI works tirelessly to heal any algorithmic or browser-based compatibility issues up front.

Reduce failures

Vastly reduce visual-based test failures, regardless of the complexity or density of the page.

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The Functionize platform is powered by our Adaptive Event Analysis™ technology which incorporates self-learning algorithms and machine learning in a cloud-based solution.

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