Deeper insights

The power of the cloud gives you deeper insights than ever before into how your UI is performing

Load and stress testing

Load and Stress Testing

Test your system to the limit with realistic load testing. Perform load and stress tests using life-like user sessions at cloud scale from test locations across the globe. This gives far more accurate results than traditional approaches.

Performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Our bespoke performance metrics provide a better understanding of your UI performance. Our visual completion metric measures when a user can first interact with your site, and you can explore the detailed load times for every page



The Functionize CLI gives developers the unique opportunity to run automated tests against their local builds. This custom feature dramatically improves product quality and delivery velocity.

AI-Cloud Infrastructure

Functionize is YOUR testing infrastructure

The Functionize Test Cloud equips teams to perform functional, performance, load, stress, and canary testing, all within a single, intelligent platform, eliminating the need for teams to build and maintain their own testing infrastructure.

Manual Testers

Manual testers are enabled to create scalable, durable test in minutes

No patching

No more patching Selenium bugs, wrestling with Appium, or lost time due to compatibility issues

Easy orchestration

Easily leverage complex orchestration options to populate test data

Run tests in parallel, sequentially, with different groupings & environments.

Execute at Scale

Parallel Execution Across All Browsers

Small businesses to large enterprises need the flexibility to execute tests across different test types.

Execute at Scale

Scale hundreds or thousands of tests rapidly in parallel from any geolocation

No infrastructure

No infrastructure overhead, no third party providers, and no Selenium Grid

No conflict

No more failures due to conflicting tests: schedule 1000+ tests within minutes

Comprehensive Coverage

Discover anomalies before they reach your customers

Mitigate business risk with several layers of testing coverage such as regression, smoke, live-user data analysis, and canary testing.

Comprehensive Coverage
Logically combine

Logically combine your tests and monitoring systems to work together. Simplify your deployment infrastructure

Run continuously

Continuously run your tests to monitor the core areas of your product, maximize uptime, and get alerts into key performance metrics such as page load and visual completeness

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Functionize is designed with all levels of testers in mind. We simplify test creation while providing rich features to tune tests for your most complex scenarios. Running in our test cloud gives you elastic scale to handle continuous testing in your CI/CD pipeline or large regression suites. Meanwhile the deep machine learning engine is modeling your applications and dynamically updating your tests as your UI changes; saving you the aggravation of constant maintenance.

For more information, read our blog, follow us @functionize or email us to learn how you can get started today with Functionize Intelligent Testing.

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