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What is Generative AI?

A paradigm shift in software testing has arrived.

Generative AI in software testing is a game-changer, significantly boosting the speed and efficiency of test creation, execution and maintenance.

The "generative" aspect refers to the capability of AI systems to generate new content or data based on training from existing datasets. This means that the AI can create new test scenarios, code snippets, or data to build superior tests, faster.

Most advanced ML models for testing
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TestGPT autonomously crafts test cases based on intricate patterns and user behaviors.

This state-of-the-art tool marks a milestone in testing efficiency, offering the industry's most advanced method for test case generation.

How Does it Work?

1. Install script

A small js script snippet is installed on the application to start streaming data.

2. Ingest data

This data is used to build an application-specific fine-tuned model.

3. Build model

Test cases encode user journeys (like text encodes knowledge).

4. Generate tests

Those journeys can be represented in datasets and generated from the model.

Coming early 2024


TestAGENT redefines the approach to managing tests. By harnessing the power of machine learning, it proactively identifies potential test issues and offers smart, actionable solutions.

This advanced tool is designed to help change test definitions. Seamlessly apply test suggestions to significantly reduce the number of broken tests and the time spent on troubleshooting.

New predictive model

Execution aware engine

Model Driven Component Execution

User Behavior based learning

Intelligent auto-suggestions

AI Driven Recommendation Engine

Large GPT predictive model

Autonomous test maintenance

Component Model Driven Root Cause Analysis

Available for all customers


TestASSIST is our extension generator specifically tailored to produce custom code for a wide range of variables.

This gen-AI feature enables non-technical users to manipulate testing scenarios and streamline their test case creation process.

New predictive model

Product knowledge base

Get a quick reference or examples

User Behavior based learning

Code generation

Generate any code to scale-up

Large GPT predictive model

Extention generation

Code tailored to specific types of apps

testASSIST is Saving Our Customers Hours

Add a variable, generate a code snippet for your automation, or simply get a quick tip.

  • Provides conversational interaction for understanding and querying Functionize's features.

  • Integrates with Functionize's knowledge base to answer questions about the platform.

  • Assists users in understanding functionalities, variables, extensions, etc.

  • Shortens learning curve and increases proficiency

The Benefits of AI Powered Testing

Unique fingerprints for elements

Unique fingerprints for elements

Functionize builds a detailed fingerprint for every element in your UI. This allows it to identify elements even if they are moved, restyled, and renamed.

Deep knowledge and understanding of your UI

Deep knowledge of your UI

Functionize uses these digital fingerprints to create a complex composite model of your UI. This allows it to understand what each element actually does, not just what it is.

Self-healing tests

Self-healing tests

Test maintenance is a real time-sink for QA engineers. Functionize learns from every execution and dynamically heals tests. This is because it knows how your UI is really working.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

One of the most advanced features of our Engine is its ability to track back to the actual cause of a test failure. This is especially critical in complex systems where data changes and external factors can trigger test failures.

Finding solutions

Finding solutions

Identifying a failure is only half of the problem. Functionize also uses its knowledge of your previous test runs and test procedures to resolve errors. It presents suggestions to fix common failures so you can resolve issues in 1-click.

The Vanguard of the Generative AI Testing Revolution

AI from the Ground Up

Functionize was built from day 1 with AI to solve the limitations of legacy testing.  We’ve amassed billions of data points from thousands of test cases, leading to the most advanced and accurate machine learning models of any QA testing solution.

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Data Collection

Empowering QA Teams

Leveraging the Funcitonize suite of generative AI features and functions that elevate workflows, efficiencies, and outcomes, allowing teams to prioritize strategic work over mundane, repetitive tasks.

Managing QA teams?
Most advanced ML models for testing

Trusted Globally

Honeywell team automated 70+ use cases in just 2 weeks using Functionize.

Test Self-healing with AI agent

GE Healthcare has reduced 40 hours of testing time to just 4 hours, achieving 90% labor savings.

Test Self-healing with AI agent

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